Forgotten Love

“Are you sure this is what you want?” you asked rubbing small circles on his cheek. Liam smiled and brought one of your hands to his mouth planting a small kiss on it,
“I do, and I’ll be back for you Paige, I’ll never forget you or our love...”


3. Chapter 3

Liam stretched  when they got out of the limo, he looked around happily his mouth curled up in a smile as he looked around his hometown. He took a deep breath and sighed happily rubbing his hands together he looked at the boys,
“Welcome to my home” Liam said throwing a arm over Zayn and Louis’s shoulder as they looked around,
“Any fit girls?” Harry asked laughing as he ruffled Liam’s short hair from behind. Liam laughed again and followed Simon into the cafe, his eyes roaming the place he used to spend every school afternoon sitting drinking coffee studying, also with someone, Liam found himself frowning as he tired to remember that person,
“Who could it have been?” Liam thought to himself till a familiar voice snapped him out of his thoughts.
“Hello boys I’m Paige and I’m here to make sure you don’t die of thirst or hunger while you’re here.” you said shaking hands with the boys, shaking hands with Liam you resisted the urge to burst out into tears and sink to the floor. Instead you kept a smiling face and let go of his hand soon as possible already regretting it when that lovable warmth disagreed. Liam stared at you finally realizing who you were, “Paige” he mumbled under his breath as he watched you show them to their table and served them a cup of coffee, just as you were about to walk away Harry grabbed your hand,
“So love would you like to have dinner with me?” you quickly shot a look to Liam who looked down his fist clenched, smiling softly you pulled your hand away,
“Maybe” you flirted hoping that actually sounded how you wanted it to. Trying to walk to the kitchen normally you broke out into a run. Running into the bathroom you stood in front of the mirror, your face flushed red, a curl sticking up. Leaning forward you splashed cold water on your face, you had no idea why you had just flirted with that curly hair boy, Harry was his name you thought. Leaning against the wall you breathed in deeply,
“You will calm yourself down Paige Lime you will walk out there again and act like you don’t know him since he’s obviously forgotten about you, you will move on.” you muttered tying your hair in a ponytail you walked out smartly and towards the boys before stopping in front of Harry,
“What time is dinner?” Harry grinned and stood up,
“8:00 I’ll pick you up, oh yeah give me your number.” you giggled lightly and gave him your number before shooting another glance at Liam who kept his head down,
“I’ll see you there” you said before walking away as hordes of fangirls tore through the place.
“Paige you better know what you’re doing” you thought to yourself as you walked back into the kitchen.

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