new city,new life,new love

18 year old Jenna M. just moved from Nashville to London because she likes to do tourism but one of her best friends told her that London is such a beautiful place to live in so Jenna listened to her. But one day she goes to the Buckingham palace to take some pictures and revise them for a new magazine she has. During the time shes there she'd never imagine herself with a new guy! and he is famous. His name is Harry Edward styles and he is from one direction.Jenna finds her self in a love story and she doesn't want to stop so she decides to love this teen boy.



Jenna's P.O.V


"Oh god Melissa these boxes are so heavy!" i whine to my BFF Melissa about how the boxes are so heavy."Well you gotta move Jenna so might as well start learning to live life with all them box moving and furniture carrying" Melissa says as she put the last box in the trunk.

"You really think i wanted to do this?.......Umm hello! who was the one that came up with the idea?" i add looking straight to Melissa. "well your probably going to have a better life up in there" Melissa says as she turns and gets in the car.

Maybe Melissa's right, i mean she does always have the good answer and we always end up just right.

"OK well how long do you actually think the plane ride is going to be?" i ask crossing my both arms tightly. "oh i don't know Jenna just relax and be patient OK?" Melissa says as my father comes in and starts the engine.

I roll my eyes sarcastically and just slouch on the soft cushions. SO LONG TO THIS LITTLE COUNTRY I GREW IN!"

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