new city,new life,new love

18 year old Jenna M. just moved from Nashville to London because she likes to do tourism but one of her best friends told her that London is such a beautiful place to live in so Jenna listened to her. But one day she goes to the Buckingham palace to take some pictures and revise them for a new magazine she has. During the time shes there she'd never imagine herself with a new guy! and he is famous. His name is Harry Edward styles and he is from one direction.Jenna finds her self in a love story and she doesn't want to stop so she decides to love this teen boy.



Harry's P.O.V


I wake up from a good night sleep all wrapped up in the fuzzy covers. "yayy hazzal woke up!!!" i hear Louis come close and pull me. "NOOOOO!" i scream as i tumble to the ground.

"Lou your so messed up" i say chuckling and standing up."well you know me so....there's no doubt about my super powers" he says laughing.Just then Niall comes in with Zayn and Liam. "YO!" i hear Zayn scream "hey wheres Eleanor?" Niall asks. "sleeping.........why?" Louis says softly.

Niall,Zayn,and Liam look at each other. "well because i don't see her in your room" Liam adds. OH god Louis reaction ain't gonna be good!"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" knew it.


Jenna's P.O.V


So far we've been in the plane for about 8 hours and i really am starting to get impatient,"Melissa.....this plane ride is really long!" i say whispering. "relax Jenna..i just found out we only have 3 hours left until we get there" Melissa says listening to her music.

I sigh and just try to go to sleep.

(3 hours later)

-dream- the light's turn off and the princess arrives as her prince grabs her hand to take her off the carriage and the- I wake up to the patting of Melissa on my shoulder.

"Jenna.....we're here" she says as i look out the window and see the night lights on. OMG THIS IS LONDOND!!!

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