new city,new life,new love

18 year old Jenna M. just moved from Nashville to London because she likes to do tourism but one of her best friends told her that London is such a beautiful place to live in so Jenna listened to her. But one day she goes to the Buckingham palace to take some pictures and revise them for a new magazine she has. During the time shes there she'd never imagine herself with a new guy! and he is famous. His name is Harry Edward styles and he is from one direction.Jenna finds her self in a love story and she doesn't want to stop so she decides to love this teen boy.



Jenna's P.O.V


Today I'm moving to London, well because my best friend told me that London was such an amazing place to live in and well she wouldn't leave me alone so i decided to agree with her to leave me alone!

I mean i've been looking at pictures and honestly i like london,it actually looks nice and amazing.Better than Nashville.I love tourism.I love to travel and just have a look at everything the world has to offer! I for the moment am single but hopefully during my new settlement in london,i find my prince charming!:)

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