new city,new life,new love

18 year old Jenna M. just moved from Nashville to London because she likes to do tourism but one of her best friends told her that London is such a beautiful place to live in so Jenna listened to her. But one day she goes to the Buckingham palace to take some pictures and revise them for a new magazine she has. During the time shes there she'd never imagine herself with a new guy! and he is famous. His name is Harry Edward styles and he is from one direction.Jenna finds her self in a love story and she doesn't want to stop so she decides to love this teen boy.



Jenna's P.O.V


We get to the national airport at about 9:36 a.m. 'phew!' i think in my mind.The plane departure is at 10:00 a.m. so if we came here later, than we probably would have missed it.

"dad i think you should drop us off right there" i say pointing the entrance. He nods and quickly turns and parks."OK are you sure you want to say goodbye to such a place?" i ask Melissa for just one more hope. "yes...OK I'm sure i wanna move to London, now hurry up before the plane leaves, remember we still gotta go through security and baggage check."

I get out the car and go hug my dad as Melissa takes out the luggage. "take care daddy,i will call you guys once i get there,and also take so very much care of my family,i love you guys OK?" i say giving my dad one last hug and kiss on the cheek. "alright you go ahead Hun,don't miss your plane" my daddy says.

We wave at my dad and slowly he leaves.Then we go to the security and baggage check,and before i know it we are boarding a plane."oh god Melissa.......i really am going to miss this place"i look out the plane windows "i much memories were drawn feels like I'm finally erasing them and starting a new drawing"

Melissa puts her arms over me "Don't worry some point a daddy's little girl has to let go." she whispers.I feel a tears roll down my cheek and i quickly wipe it off before Melissa see's it and freaks out.

"i remember the play dates we would have...and the sleepover's"i add looking at my shoes."me too" i hear Melissa say quietly.


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