Extra-Terrestrial Love

What happens when a girl and a boy from two different planets fall in love? Read and find out ;)


2. This Is The Start of Something New

-Dan's POV-

Phil and I were coming back from town, and we saw three people standing outside our building. They were looking quite confused. Phil, being as nice as he is, asked if we could help them out. I of course said we could, as long as they seemed decent. We walked up. There was a girl, a boy who looked like he could be her brother, and an older man. "Hi, I'm Dan." I introduced myself. "What's your name?" I asked. She stuck out her hand and said "My name is Abigail. It's nice to meet you Dan." I shook her hand. "This is my brother, Andy, and our guardian, Lanny." I shook hands with the two of them, and Phil followed suit. "I'm Phil" He introduced himself quickly afterwards. I turned to Phil while they brushed theirselves off. I wispered in his ear "So, what are we going to do now? We could invite them inside, or, we could say goodbye and move on. What do you want to do about it Philip?" I said jokingly. He wispered back, "Why not invite them in? I mean, we could make room for them to stay in." I nodded my head in agreement. Phil turned back to them. He began making arangements for them to stay with us, I can't concentrait on that though. I can't help but think that something is beginning here. Phil began to lead us into the building. We all crammed in the lift. I stood beside Abigail. We all began talking about various random topics. All of a sudden the lift came to a stop. "This is us!" Phil excitedly exclaimed. I'm pretty excited myself. We walked into our flat. "This is what we call home!" I said, spreading my arms apart as we walked into our flat."I'm going to show Abi- It's okay if I call you that, right?" I quickly turned to her to see if it was ok. She giggled and said "Yeah, that's what all my friends call me back on- I mean at home." I turned back to Phil. "Okay. I'll show Abi around, and you show Andy and Lanny around. We can figure out who is staying where after." I tried to contain my excitement. I grabbed her hand and guided/dragged her towards the kitchen. I felt sparks when I grabbed her hand, and I wonder if she felt it too. I began showing her around. We finished before Phil and them did, so we sat on the couch and got to know each other better.

-Abigail's POV-

Dan and I would have talked for hours if Phil, Andy and Lanny didn't finish looking around the flat. I learned about him, and vice-verca. I think that I'm already falling for this guy, and I just met him.

~At dinner time~

"Phil? We need to figure out where these three are going to sleep!" Dan said, shoving stir-fry into his mouth. Phil replied, "Well, we have two couches out here, and a spare room that we can set up the air matress in!" I wanted to be polite, "I can take a couch!"  Andy chimed in, "I can take the other couch!" Lanny quietly talked, "I quess that leaves me with the spare room." He's never that entusiastic about anything.  Dan and Phil went to set up the couches for sleeping on. I wispered to Lanny, "I'm beginning to enjoy it here!!" I'm really happy we came! Lanny just looked at me sternly and said "No emotional attachment! Understood?" I stared down at my food. "Understood." 


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