Extra-Terrestrial Love

What happens when a girl and a boy from two different planets fall in love? Read and find out ;)


1. Our Story Begins

My name is Abigail. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. My family and I are what you may call aliens (We all still look like you though, no weird green skin or anything). We live on an 'imaginary' planet, to you. We exist, though. We've come over to Earth before. And that, is where the story begins.

I'm 12 on our planet, making me about 21 on Earth. I've always wanted to travel to your planet... I can't unless my brother and guardian come. Other then if I get banished. I would save that for if I'm desperate. Which I'm not.

My family was getting together for a family reunion of a sort. The kids were sitting in a group near the parents, talking about what we wanted to do at a point in our lives. That's when I chimed in and said "I want to travel to Earth." I must have said it pretty loud, because my Mum replied pretty quick. "Really? You'r Father and I would like to know about Earth, but we are getting too old for that. We could get you over to Earth, well, now. As long as your brother and a guardian are alright to go." Excitingly enough, my brother wanted to come. We finally found a guardian. The man from across the street, Lanny, agreed to come. (Side note, my brother is about 19 on Earth.)

We got sent off to Earth emediatly. We landed in London, England. I was informed that we could stay for 2 months. I got excited. Coincedentally, we landed in front of Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester's (amazingphil) apartment building.Of course, we didn't know that at the time. Nor did we know who they were. None of us knew what would happen next.


Hope you like it, like it, comment or favourite if you want another chapter! -ShyestLion

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