I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


12. update (:




                          HEY GUYS!!! THANKS FOR READING MY STORY 

yes my last chapter was short and boring but it was just trying to put time in between whats happening in the story and i wanna keep it to where you wanna know whats gonna happen i think you guys are gonna like it! and i have an idea for the sequel ive already been writing things down and so far so good but i cant give it away so let me stop talking BYE (:  

p.s ill update as much as i can too

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