I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


13. showing the boys

         Spencer's p.o.v :

Danielle called the boy's to come over to my house as we just  pulled up in the driveway ourself's "sooo what  should I do?"

I knew it was a stupid question it was pretty obvious what to do "um  take your little butt upstairs put on your dress and shoes on and come downstairs when your done me and the girls will help you out " Perrie said "h-help me out?" she nodded and giggled.


      Harry's p.ov

     Liam had said that Danielle called and wanted us over at spencer's,I wonder what for.

I got dressed and put on a new colonge my mum had gotten me,I walked over to the mirror "hey there handsome" I said looking into the mirror I toussled my curls and made them fall perfectly on the side of my head 'wait what was I saying?'I grabbed my jumper and jogged out the house.

     Spencer's p.o.v

 I came out of my room with my dress and heel's on I waltzed downstairs "ooooh you look so georgeous!' Eleanor exclaimed "thank's" Perrie grabbed my wrist and yanked me into the kitchen "sit" she directed,i sat on the stool the girls slather consealer on my face and I could feel them applying eyeshadow and all that other good stuff. "DONE!" they said exitedly in sync,they passed me the hand mirror "wow" I was almost speechless they had done a black smokey eye look red lipstick some rouge and a little glitter "you likey??" Danielle asked "Me lovey" we all looked gorgeous in our  dresses.

was knock on the door and I could hear the rowdy boys come in "where's Spence?"  a raspy voice asked "um shes' not here she's still at my house picking up some things" I knew that was Eleanor,the girls were up to something.


Harry's p.o.v:

 All of the girls showed us there dresses  they all looked great but I really wanted to see Spencer before I finished my thought she appeared right before my eyes I couldn't stop staring at she  was beautiful I stood up "Spence would you like to go to the next dance and p-prom with me?" I was nervous an  scared of her answer "Harry" 


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