I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3



Perrie's p.o.v:

We've been walking around the mall for at least an hour and we finally went to Top shop just to see if they had any cute dresses I fell in love with the first one laid my eyes on it was a black chiffon tier midi dress it was gorgeous.

Spencer's p.o.v:

    Me and the girls split up once we got into top shop and it took me awhile to find a dress now if its this hard to find a simple party dress I can imagine my prom dress. I picked up a really cute black sequined bandeau dress I though it would make my legs look longer that what they are since i'm the shortest out of all the girls.

Eleanor's p.o.v:

   I walked around then a really pretty dress caught my eye it was a Ruche  skater dress it was super cute i liked the draping on it and the bluish purple color it was gonna look great on me!

Danielle's p.o.v:

   I found the dress I've always wanted it was a lace printed tunic it was going to look amazing! i cant wait until we model these for the boys.

Spencer's p.o.v:

   We finally finished shopping and thank god we all had pumps that would match our dresses and Danielle said something about having a little 'fashion show' for the boy's just to get their feedback.

                                 I wonder how that's gonna  go.....



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