I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


17. don't forget me......

 Spencer's p.o.v:

 Its been a week since dinner and me and Harry  are acting like we used to.......sort of.He has been coming over like normal and we hang out,but we seem like we're dating but the thing is we're not.He grabs my waist and kisses me and I tell him to stop that,I guess he just doesn't get it, I mean yea I love him but i don't think  could date him.

  I went downstairs and turned on the telly "hey babe"  heard  from behind me "hey" Harry flopped down on the couch beside me "wait, i'm not you're babe" he grew a grin on his face "not yet that is" i smiled he leaned in and pressed  a kiss on my cheek ready for the formal tonight?" he asked I turned and looked at him "i forgot about that" he laughed "so do you want to be my date?" he asked "i think i might go with Niall" he looked sad "Harry you're my prom date in a few months remember?"

"yea i know but still" "i'll be back.one second" i say,he nods his head.

"hey Niall" "hi Spencer" "do you want to go to formal with me?" "yea sure,but what about Harry?" "oh Harry's fine with it we're not dating so it shouldn't matter" "alright then Spencer i'll pick you up later" "okay bye Niall"

"so what did he say?" Harry asked "um he said yes" "oh,well who am I supposed to go with?" I paused "Ummm you can come with me and Niall" he nodded "go get ready Spence I know how long it takes you just to take a shower" I rolled my eyes "fine,I'll be back I'm gonna take a shower" he grew a creeper smile on his face "can I-" " no Harry you are not getting in the shower with me" "but I though you loved me" I rolled my eyes " I do but thats just not happening" I left Harry on the couch and went up stairs.

 I slipped out of my sweats and pulled my hair from its pony tail,I turned the shower on and steam filled the room as I stepped in.

     the warm water was so relaxing i stood there with my eyes closed,Two hands snaked around my torso I flung my eyes open 'shit i forgot to lock the door' I thought to myself "Harry what the hell are you doing in here?" I turned and looked at him he was still in is shirt and boxers. thank god "I wanted to be in here with you" He pinned me against the cold tiled wall "Harry let me go" "don't get caught up in the moment with Niall"He places one small kiss on my lips "because he wouldn't be able to make you feel how i make you feel" I just stood there in a daze staring him directly in his eyes. his head of curls now wet and dripping,I honestly felt like jumping on him and just letting my body take control,.I pushed Harry into the other shower wall and kissed his neck,I felt like a lion attacking it's prey I was just going crazy I pulled his shirt off and traced my fingers down is abs to the top of his boxers, tugging on the elastic top I kissed his lips and bit his bottom lip and pulled it he grabbed my waist not saying a word and slid his hands down to my bum he pulled away "whats gotten into you?" I shrugged my shoulders and went back to kissing his pink lips he went with it then stopped "what is it Harry?" "i um don't think we should be doing this" "why not?" i asked sounding kind of desperate "we should wait you know until we're ready" I agreed by nodding my head Harry stepped out of the shower i stood there and though about his words 'until we're ready'.


      I shivered as I wrapped my towel around my body,I swung the bathroom door open and walked into my bedroom Harry was laying on the bed with his eyes open like he was in a daze "Harry?" "yea?" "you ok?" "im fine spencer"I walked over and sat on the bed "no really whats wrong?" He shook his head and I glared at him "fine,I really wish I hadnt left you in there and not saying what i really wanted to say and the truth is i really do love you and want you i just dont think we should until we really feel confortable with that" "yea i know i dont know what got into me,im sorry" He tried not to laugh"i know what hasn't gotten in you" "really Harry?that was a lame dirty joke" I laughed "I know,but I have so many more" "sure you do,Ok i have to get dressed out you go" "but ive seen you naked before" "out" He stood up and left the room


  I let my towel fall to my ankles and walked over to my closet and stretched my arms for my dress and pulled it down "ooooo"

"Harry get away from the door and stop being a pervert"I heard him laigh and i continued getting dressed.I slipped on my pink cocktail dress and my black pumps and straightened my wavy hair.I strolled over to my mirror smiling at what i looked like in this dress I sighed walking back to my dresser grabbing my make up.


 I clambered down the wooden stairs and made my way towards the kitchen where Harry sat with his tuxedo jacket,black skinny jeans and his converse "looking good" I said he lifted his head to look at me "wow if you look this good just for formal i can't wait 'till prom" I smiled "yea its just extra work though" I rolled my eyes.He stood up and grabbed my hands even with the heels i was wearing i only stood to his chin he placed a hand on my hip and swayed me back and forth "promise me one thing" I looked up at him "what?" i asked "Don't forget about me tonight" I pursed my lips "and why would i forget about you?"He looked down at me once again "because I have to admit Niall can be quite a charmer at times" I smiled "I won't forget I promise" He wrapped his arms around me and whispered "i know you won't"

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