I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


15. Dinner


      Harry's p.o.v:

    I was really nervous Spencer was hesitating to answer "Harry yes i'll go to prom with you" I was so happy I picked her up and  spun her around "thank you soo much spence" she laughed "no problem HarBear anything for you" I raised my eyebrow "anything???" she playfully slapped my arm "not ANYTHING" Niall interupted "not to interupt you guy's but the rest of us are all starving here" "yea" the all said in unison "okay Me and the girls have to go change first" Spencer,Eleanor,Perrie and Danielle went up stair's.


      "so are you gonna ask Spencer out?" Louis asked "um maybe at prom,I wouldnt do it at the little formal next week prom is bigger so I want to do it then" he smiles "why dont you just wanna stay friends?"Niall asks, I shrug my shoulders "because I love her more than just a friend a really do love her I would do anything for her" "anything??" liam asks "yes anything" "go lick that wall then" louis suggest "why?'" "just do it" I sigh and walk over to the wall "come on haz,do it" I stuck my tongue out and quickly licked the wall the boys burst out laughing "shut up!" I yell "you said you'd do anything and you just licked a wall,I believe you" Louis say's "what are you guys doing??" Spence asks from down the hallway "n-nothing" I reply

"so are you guys ready or what?" Liam asks we all go out to the two cars parked outside the boys get in one car the girls in the other.

     Spencer's p.o.v:

  "so what are you guys going to eat when we get there?' Perrie asks,we all shrug our shoulder's "ok then what do you think the boy's were talking about?" I look at her "I really don't know" "oooh I might have a clue" Eleanor jumps in "go on" I say "I heard them say lick the wall to prove you really like her,their weirdos" she giggles "who were they talking about ?" I ask "I don't know a girl from school, you maybe" I sigh "what if he doesn't like me and he's just trying to make me feel better because i just broke up with my boyfriend" "No hun I think Harry is in love with you and love's you very much" danielle states "how?" "im sort of an evesdropper when Liams on the phone with Harry" I smile ok

                       We finally arived to the resteraunt and we went in with the boys.






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