I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


16. Dinner part 2


   Spencer's p.o.v:

     We all walked in the resteraunt and the hostess greeted us "good evening,how many tonight?" Liam spoke up "Um there is nine of us" she smiled "follow me" we followed the hostess to the back of the resteraunt to a large table "here you are you waitress will be Colleen she will be here in a few moments" we all took our places at the table I sat across from Harry and inbetween Perrie and Niall,as we sat down a girl around our age came  up to the table "hey guys what can I get for all of you?" Niall spoke first "um I'll take the Tortelli con Zucca,I've never even heard of it before but yea I'll take it" The rest of us ordered and she ordered from Harry last she went over and stood right next to him,he didn't pay attention to it "and what would you like?" "erm.....I um...will take the fettuccine alfredo" she smiled and walked away,for some reason I didn't like that very much and I felt the jelousy grow inside of me,I kicked off my converse and rubbed my foot against Harry's leg he jolted in shock and kneed the table "ow" everyone looked at him "what was that?" "nothing louis my foot fell asleep that's all" "sure" he smiled and looked at me as he turned back to Eleanor,Harry mouthed "you wanna play that game??" I smiled and trailed my foot up his leg and he grabbed it and he pulled out his cell phone. My phone went off a minute later Harry: Two can play at this game babe,I thought you didn't see me as more than your best friend??? Or did jelousy get to you?" I texted him back: Yea Harry it's just jelousy. Once He started reading the message I kept rubbing my foot down his leg I pulled it back up and put it above his crotch,he shook his head "don't do it" he mouthed I smiled and pressed my foot lightly onto his crotch "ughhhh" he made a deep moan and Louis looked at him then me and started looking under the table I quickly snatched my foot away bumping it in the process"busted!you two were playing footsie" My face felt like it was going to burst into flames"no she was playing footsie" Harry reasured Louis.

 Harry's p.o.v:

 I wonder if Spence did like me and she was just hiding it because if she only liked me as a friend she wouldn't have touched my crotch with her foot,I looked at her and she was really red "can I speak to you......alone?" I asked her she nodded and stood up she followed me to the toilets "what the hell was that?do you like me yes or no?because I don't know if I made it clear or not the day I kissed you that I loved you" she was quiet "no it was jelousy I'm sorry" I sighed  the girl serving our table came out of the bathroom "so if you don't love me you wouldn't care if I did this" I grabbed the girl and kissed her for as long as I could when I looked up Spencer was gone I went back to our table she was sitting down with her head in her hands,my point exactly she did love me "Spencer" she didn't look up "leave me alone Harry" "please talk to me" I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her shoulder "come on babe"

I am not your babe,ass" so she does feel for me "hey as long as I'm your ass I'm fine with that" I heard a little giggle,I placed my head where her head touched her arm "I love you Spencer"She looked up at me "Harry I-I love you too" she pulled away from the table and went outside  I followed her.When I  walked out into the dark painted sky and the chilly night air I couldn't find Spencer I checked in both cars and around the building,still no Spencer.I finally started walking away from the building down the long street up ahead I seen a short figure,the figure turned down the nearest alley It had to be Spencer. As I got closer and closer I heard sniffles "spencer,whats wrong?" I slid down next to her "do you know how hard it was for me to tell you I love you?I've gotten hurt once I'm not letting it happen again" I grabbed her hand "you know I'm not like that,I love you for you and nothings going to change that,you taught me so many things like how to be kind and polite,how to love myself and you taught me friends can last for a long time,look at all the great friends I- we have  and I love you for that.I started to crush on you the moment I seen you,yea your probably thinking 'we were only five' so what a five year old can't get a crush?as we got older and grew closer I started growing new feelings,ones I had never felt before-love it gets stronger everyday.Oh and one more thing you didn't just teach me how to love myself,you taught me how to love you" she looked at me "Harry shut up and kiss me" I smiled she wrapped her arms around me and I placed my lips on hers. "you are the sweetest boy I know babe" I looked at her in shock "babe? I thought I was an asshole" she shook her head "come on lets go back before they start to get worried" we stood up and went back to the resturant.

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