I Should've Kissed you

Spencer Marie Gray and Harry Edward styles have been friends for ever.Little does Spencer know that her best friend in the whole world is starting to fall in love with her!But Spencer already has a boyfriend ): But once Harry and his friends do something that will change Spencer's feeling's what will happen??? is it good or bad?
find out by reading i should've kissed you <3


1. A Day to Begin

Spencer's p.o.v

  "Harry!" I said. "Harry ssstop" I managed to say between the laughs. "not till you say it!" he said. "ok  ok OKAY" I said. He stopped tickling me. "Harry Styles is the most ho-STUPID person i know"  I said joking. He told me to tell him he was the most hottest person ever. He came over to me to try to tickle me again. "No Harry" I said smiling. "I have to get ready, Josh will be here any minute" I said. 

   Josh was my Boyfriend. We've been going out for 4 months now. "fine" he said, and he mumbled something but i couldn't hear what. I ran up to my room and got dressed. Putting on my Black Beetles shirt with some white shorts with my black TOM's. I went with a simple look since we were just going out for a walk in the park. I braided my hair in a fish-tail braid, grabbing my phone and heading downstairs. 

   I heard Harry talking to some one. "hey babe" I heard Josh say. "hey" I said walking over to him. We hugged and he pecked my lips. "Ready?" he said. "yea" I replied and he walked out the door. He waited for me right on the steps but turned around. I closed the door but opened it back up. Harry made himself look like he was going to throw up. "oh stop it" I said in a whisper. "ill see you later" I said closing the door. 


  "Sooo" I said grabbing Josh's hand. "Sooo" he said all cheeky. I giggled. We turned the corner walking to the swings. He sat down and pulled me on his lap swinging the both of us slowly.  "so what were you and Harry talking bout?" i asked him. "nothing really,when you came down I had just came" he replied. "oh" I said. I looked at him and he looked at me, stopping the swing with his feet. "I love you" he says. "me to,well you not me,well yea I love myself,ugh you get what i'm saying" I said to him,he smiled. Josh then leaned in and kissed me passionately. I pulled away. "lets go" I said getting up off him. He placed his hand on my waist,getting up. We interlocked hands and walked to Starbucks. 


 Harry's p.o.v

   Me and Spencer were playing around when she told me she had to go get ready for her "hang out" with Josh. I don't like Josh, and Spencer knows that. Spencer has had a tough past, i mean her mum and dad are separated and her little brother passed away of lukemia. But we don't talk about it. She lives her with her dad who is ALWAYS working.

  Right now i'm over at her house up in her room. Her dad wont know cause he's never home. I laid in her bed watching my,OUR favorite film EVER, The Notebook.

 couple minutes later i drifted off to sleep.....


 Spencer's p.o.v

  Josh and I were at Starbucks drinking some tea and having a laugh. "Spence" he said. "would you like to  go to the dance with me next week Friday?" he asked me. OMG Yes! i said. There was a long silence, but i had the hugest smile on my face. "sooo" he said. "Oh! Yes" i said. Realizing i only said Yes in my head. "i'd love to"  "great" he said smiling.

  We left out of Starbucks, he bent down. "a ride for the princess?" he said. "I hopped on his back and we talked about school, life and everything. Well not 'everything'. We reached my house. He set me down on the ground. "Thanks Josh, for Tea" i said. "not a problem babe" he said. I blushed smiling. He leaned in and we kissed for some seconds. "bye" i said. "bye babe" he said walking backwards. "ill text you later" he said and turned around.

  I opened the door to the house, walking in. "HARRY" i yelled throwing my phone and house keys on the table. Nothing. I walked upstairs into my bedroom to find Harry asleep in my bed. "typical Harry" I whispered to myself. I ran and jumped on the bed. "AGH!" he yelled. I laughed so hard. "dude! not funny" he said rubbing his eyes. "uh yes it is" I replied sitting up. 


 "So Mr. Styles any plans for the day?" I asked him. "ugh not that I know of I thought you were gonna be with Mr. Blow Horn" he said. "Now Harry you know that's not nice" I  said. Harry has never got along with Josh. "sorry" he said and held his hands up in defense. "well, ugh we could hang out here and have a movie marathon" he said, I gave him like a disgusted face. "Orrrr we could go swimming" he said. "better" I said. "okay get your stuff and we can go over to my house" he said. "ugh DUHH " I said joking. He threw a pillow at my face, I threw it back. I got up, walking to my closet to get my bikini and throwing it in a bag with a towel.

 Harry's p.o.v

  Spencer and I left her house, walking down the street to my house. "race you" I said. "uh Harry I cant run" she whined. "and why not?" I asked. "because I gotta carry the bag and it wont be fair" she said. I snatched the bag out her hand and started running. "YOU DICK YOU DIDN'T  EVEN COUNT!!" she yelled at me. I laughed while running. I looked back and saw she was catching up to me.

  We arrived at my house, out of breath. "call. me. a. dick. one. more. time. and you'll be sorry" I said out of breath. "sure. I will" she said. I unlocked the door and we walked inside. "hey" I said to my mum. "hey sweetie" she said. "MUM" I yelled at her and gave her that 'really' look. She and Spencer starts laughing. "Hi Spencer" she says. "Hi Anne" Spence says.  "we're just gonna go out to the pool" I said. Mum nodded and continued doing what she was doing.

   I ran up to my room followed by Spence. She went into my bathroom to change. I quickly got my swim trucks and stripped down nude and slipped them on.  I adjusted the strings on it to tighten it up on the waist  she came right out in her black bikini fitting her fit body perf--. Wait what am I talking about she's my best friend. And plus she has a boyfriend. "ready?" she asked, throwing her clothes on the bed. "yea" I said.

  We walked out to pool that was in the back. I jumped in making a splash. Today was a perfect day to go swimming. "jump in" I said. She first applied some sun cream. "Harry can you come here?" she asked me, rubbing the cream on her arms. I got out the pool and walked up to her. "rub this on my back" she said handing me the stuff. "k" I said. I rubbed it on her smooth skin, in silence, just listening to the sound of the birds and cars driving buy.

 "okay done" I said. "okay" she said getting up. She jumped in the pool making a splash. "bet I can make a bigger one" I said. "bet on " she accepted. I took some steps back and then took off running making a huge splash in the pool. "hmmm nice one" she said all like 'ugh whatever'. I laughed at her. "you're stupid" I said joking. "thanks Mr. Stupider" she said and splashed water in my face. 

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