The Love of My Life


Nichole, Harry and Dani have been living together for the past 6 months since Harry and Nichole got back together. This is the story of life after everything was perfect.

Please note that I have changed one word in chapter 32 so instead of finace, he asks her to be his girlfriend(hint hint nudge nudge wink wink)


2. Chapter 2

"I'm going to tell you a story Nichole." A boy with dark black hair and tanned skin said as he sat down on the end of my bed. "You know how you told me about your friend Harry? I know Harry. And I know you because of Harry." He told me and I looked at him like he was mental. "You and Harry are dating." He told me and I shook my head. "Me? And Harry Styles? No he's my best friend." I told him and he shook his head this time. "No you and Harry are dating." He told me. "If I was dating Harry why isn't he here?" I said, convinced they were lying.

"Harry had to leave because he was really upset." The boy continued. "Why? Is he mad at me because I don't remember?" I asked and everybody shook their heads. "No of course not." He said and stood up and a tear fell from one of their girls eyes. "Wait I'm so confused." I told them.

"I'm Zayn. This is my fiancé Perrie and our daughter Mae. This is Louis and his wife Eleanor. Liam and his girlfriend Danielle and then the blonde one is Niall." The boy named Zayn told me. "You said you knew me because of Harry. How do you know Harry?" I asked.

"Harry auditioned for a show called X Factor 2 years ago. He almost got eliminated but got out in a group with Liam, Niall, Louis and I. We made it to the finals and got 3rd place. We're in a band called One Direction." He explained. "I know X Factor. Harry always told me he wanted to audition." I told
them and I smiled.

"You and do I put this... You had sex and he got you pregnant. Then he left for X Factor. You raised the baby then Harry found you guys a few months ago. You guys got engaged and then there was drama and you left him but you’re all good now." Zayn told me.

"If I had a baby where is it?" I asked. "You and Harry and your daughter Danilynn were at your house and she ran into the street. You ran after her and a black truck hit both of you. She died in surgery." Liam told me.

"I'm sad but I can't cry. I just don't remember her." I said. And they looked sad. "Is that why Harry left? Because she died and he thinks it’s my fault?" I asked and they all shook their head. "No not at all. He doesn't think it's your fault." Niall told me.

"I feel bad but I just don't remember." I said and they all told me they understood.


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