Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


4. Trouble

"There he is!!!!!"


Just then, a group if photographers came in a they were snaping pictures over and over and over.
"quick, run!!"Niall grabbed my arm and we ran out of the coffee shop. The photographers chased after us. We ran behind a building and hide behind a dumpster.

After a few minutes,Niall began to move.
"i can't belive they found me again! They have been following me all morning! I like them but it gets really annoying"

"ya, ok well i will just go home now."

"wait!! Whats your name?"

"Megan" i said as i got up.

"quick! There they are!!"

"oh no!! They found us again!!"

We quickly ran infront of a store and across the road. Then down a grass hill. We entered a gate and ran inside a building. We were both exhausted! I was breathing very hard! I sat down so i could catch my breath.

"where are we?"i asked him.

"im not sure. I kinda just ran in here hoping they wouldnt find us."
We waited a while before we left to make sure they didnt find us again. After a while we left.
"so, thanks for helping me. I'm sorry i pulledyiu to come with me but i just wanted to talk to you.You seam really nice. Maybe we can hang out sometime. Heres my number.

"ok.ya sure" i said.

I said goodbye and walked home.
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