Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


6. Phone call

That morning, it was very warm and sunny outside. I woke up and had a shower when i got out i had breakfast.

I was sitting in the couch when my phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the number. It was Brandon. My ex boyfriend. I answered it.

"i saw you on the news last night, with that stupid Niall guy. How'd you get him?? Did u pay him?"he said

"Nooo! I didnt pay him!!! We are just friends!! Why do you care anyways!!" i said

"becasue your my girlfriend!!"

"EX girlfriend!!!" i reminded him.

"listen, megan, we can fix things! I really miss you!"

"well i dont miss you! Im happy we broke up! Your always telling what to do and your a jerk to all my friends!!"

"listen to me!! If i see anything else about you and him together then im gonna come there and you wont be happy!!"

I quickly hung up the phone. I was soo angry at him!
He wasnt even my boyfriend anymore. I didn't care. I was going to see Niall again. No matter what he says about it!!!
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