Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


16. New Job

I woke up that morning with my head all purple and blue. It was aching! I couldn't wait to see Niall! But then i remebered him telling me that him and the boys had a concert coming up and he would be gone for a couple weeks. I missed him already.

I got out of bed and my sister and I played at game. Later, my brother Percy and his wife came over. Percy had gotten married last Fall. Sadley i couldn't be there because i was in college and couldn't leave.

I thought about Niall all day. If we were going to be together for a while then i would have to learn how to be apart from him for a while without constently thinking about him. I wish he didn't have to leave. But it was his job and he loved it!

I decided that i would get a job. I had a good one in Canada at a pet store. I went in to town today to look for one. I had an idea. I would go to the coffee shop where Niall and i met!! I talked to the owner and she said that i could be a waiter there. She said that i would start my training on monday and then work on wednesday!! I was excited. At least it was somthing to keep me busy!

I went in for my training on Monday. It was fun!! All i have to do is take peoples orders then take it to them! Its simple!

I started to work on Wednesday and it went well. Now i have money too.
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