Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


9. Movie night

That morning it was cold and rainy. It was Saturday. Normally, my family would go out on Saturdays but today we had nothing planned.

I decided to text Niall. I asked him how he was and everything. We texted together for a while. At last he wrote: do u want to come to my house and maybe watch a movie?

I texted him back: sure. I would love to. Where do you live?

He texted me his adress and the time.6:30. He said that no one else would be home. Perfect.

I arrived at his house and he answered the door. We sat down on the couch to watch the movie. We were sitting together. We ate popcorn and had lots of fun. After a while i got really tired and fell asleep. When i woke up the movie was off and Niall was sleeping beside me. I was laying on his chest. I grabbed my phone and checked the time. It was 12:30!! My mom said that i had to be home by 11:00!! I jumped off the couch. Niall woke up.

"Are you ok??" he asked

"my mom said i had to be home by 11! It 12:30! She's probably soo worried!

"oh sorry! Thats my fault! I saw you sleeping and didn't want to wake you! I new i should have though!"

He got up. I decided to call my house. My mom aswered it. I explained to here how i fell asleep and everything. She said ok but i had to come home as soon as possible!

Niall drove me home. He walked with me into my house. As soon as i entered my mom hugged me. Then, she looked at Niall.

"mom, this is Niall." i said.

"oh hello! Did you have a good time together watching the movie Niall?

"oh, ya! It was really good. We had lots of fun." he said sweetly

I walked up to my room with Niall following me.

"wow!! Is that what i really look like??" he said pointing to my giant poster of him.

"oh ya. I'm kinda a big fan of one direction!"

"really?? Your very different from most girls! Most of the time they freak out when they see me and they scream in my face or cry. You act as if I'm a regular person. I really like that about you!" he said.

"well, its easy becasue you don't act like a celebrity." i said.

Niall and i talked a little then he said goodbye and he left. Was I in love??? I didn't know! What did love feel like??
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