Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


7. Lunch with Niall

Later that day i got a text. I knew right away that it was from Brandon. I grabbed my phone and looked at the screen. It was from Niall!! I typed in my password and looked at the text. It said: Hey megan!! Just woundering if you would like to go for lunch with me??

I started typing and wrote back: sure!! I would love to!

He texted me back: ok, meet me at the coffee shop at 11:30. see u there!

I quickly got ready. I put on my favourite purple shirt and black jeans. I was so excited!
When i got to the coffee shop, Niall was already there waiting for me. He was wearing a nice black shirt with white pants. He looked so cute!

"Hey, you look great! Nice to see you!"he said kindly

"oh thank you! You look great too! so are we eating here?"

"not exactualy. Lets go and i will show you."

We walked out of the shop and down the street. Niall led the way. We entered a building i've never seen before. It was really big and empty. In the corner was a big window and on the floor was a red blanket and food layed out on it. We sat down on the blanket. I looked out the window. It was an amazing view of a big beautiful tree with pink leaves. It was gorgeous!

"so, do you like it?!"

"yes i love it! This is so nice of you!" i said

" i just wanted to say im sorry about all of the stuff on the news about Niall's mystery girl. It was my fault. I shouldnt of pulled you with me when the photographers came."

"Oh don't worry about it!!! Thats ok, really its fine."

Niall and i ate all of the food together. It was really good! We talked about things and i told him about Brandon and what he said. Niall said that he would protect me from him.

After about 3 hours we said goodbye and i went home. I had so much fun today with Niall! He is amazing!
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