Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


13. Is this love?

It was July. July 12th. It was beautiful outside.I had invited Niall to come swimming in my pool with me. He came at about 1:30. He had on his swim trunks and a red shirt. I had my swim suit on with a dress/ swim suit cover on. We both said hi and got ready. We both were standing at the ladder when he pulled me over to the edge of the deep end.

"Lets jump!!" he said.



We held hands and both jumped in!! The water was so warm and felt really good! I looked at Niall and we both laughed. Then, he splashed me. I spashed back and he started chasing me! I swam as fast as i could to the shallow side. Sadley, he reached out and grabbed my foot. He pulled me in closer to him. He looked so cute!! Then, all of a sudden, he leaned foward and we started to kiss. It was amazing! It was magical! We pulled apart and just stared at eachother.

"so... Uhh.., does that mean that your my girlfriend?"

"uh ya i guess it does.. If thats a good thing!" i said back to him.

"oh ya!! Its definitely a good thing!"

"ok then! We are now officially dating!" i said

We both started laughing again and then kissed.

The rest of the day was mainly kissing , laughing and more fun.

"so i was thinking.. And i want you to meet the rest of the guys!"he said excitedly.

"sure!! I'd love to!!" i said smiling.

"ok, i will talk to the other guys and see when they can come!!"

After about 4 hours, Niall left. I had an amazing time!
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