Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


15. Finally safe

When i got home, my mom started freeking out becasue of all the blood. I sat down on the couch and Niall got me a towel to stop the bleeding. Niall told my mom everything.

I went into my bathroom to clean off my face. My head hurt a lot. I knew that there probably would be a bruise tomorrow. Niall belped me clean off the blood and everything.

We went into my room to talk. I told him about how i felt happy because i was finally safe from Brandon. About how WE were safe. Also becasue i knew that we could be together with no one stopping us. At that moment I realised, i Loved Him. I was in love with NIALL HORAN.
A year ago.. He was a celebrity that i had heard sing and wanted to meet. Now..he is my boyfriend!! We kissed. We kissed more, and never stopped. Till he had to go home. I never wanted him to leave. I wanted to be with him.

After he left, there was a knock on my door. My brother poped his head in and said:

"Now do you love him??"

"yes. Yes James.I love him."
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