Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


18. Disaster

The next morning we took a walk. We were almost back when, i saw somthing in the sky. It was big and grey and it was like a funnel coming out of the sky. I knew what it was. Some kind of tornato! We ran into the house. We needed to hide. All of a sudden i heard a loud bang and the house was shaking. I was so scared. I ran into our bedroom. I heard a loud crash and then the whole house fell apart and a big piece of the room caved in. I was stuck. The bedroom had no window and the only way out was blocked my debris and the roof.

"Niall!!" i screammed

"ya! Megan are you ok!!"

" im fine but im trapped in the bedroom!!Niall, please get me out!! Im scared!!" i said shaking.
Niall began to dig through the debris. I sat in the room in the dark for over an hour trying to pull the wood out of the way! I was very hungry! I was so scared that i would never get out!! All of a sudden, there was light coming from the door way and I could see Nialls hand! I grabbed his hand. We both were tearing apart the debris trying to clear a whole big enough to let me through. I finally was able to climb out. I hugged Niall and we kissed. We quickly grabbed our things and left before the house collapsed. We got outside. We stood there for a moment and looked around. A massive tornato had just destroyed the whole area. The house beside ours had collapsed and the roof was on top of another house. Just then i heard a loud crack and the whole roof caved in on our house.

"we could have been in there. It would have crushed us and we would have..."

"but we weren't in there. It didn"t crush us. We didn't die. We are together and we are alive. I love you Megan." then we kissed.

We went to the airport and got on the next flight to England. We were home the next day.
When we entered my house my mom asked us why we were home and we told her. We told her how i was trapped. How we almost died.
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