Life changing moment

A girl named Megan takes a trip to England, planing on seeing her family but instead meets someone who could change her life forever.


21. A couple years later

My name is Megan. I have been dating Niall for 3 years. We are in love. We might even get married someday. We live together now in a big house with a big kitchen, living room and a pool.

My brother Percy and his wife had a baby girl. Her name is Jade.

My brother James has a girl friend named Jen and they love eachother.

My sister Lily is now 16. She is still in school and loves it.

My parents still live in the same house and are happy.

One direction is still together. They are best friends. They are also my new friends.

Niall is happy. He has an amazing job and girlfriend.

Niall's and my story isn't over though. It has just began.
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