Harry is that bad boi that sam falls for him... even tho all her friends and her know about his dark history. she still finds her self falling for him. thats all i can say without giving it away. SRRY XD


1. Me and me only.

Sam's POV 

I pushed myself off my bed, stumbling into the bathroom and slamming the door. I took a quick shower and pulled on a purple jumper on, following a pare of black skinny jeans and my black toms. I slowly brushed though my longish dirty blonde hair while blow drying it, making it perfect. "Sam its time to go to school" My mom called from the bottom of the stairs.

"coming " i called down the stairs grabbing my backpack. I'm in 12th grade in school and its in the middle of the year, which means im 18 of course!! My birth day was about a week ago. School went by fast all like a blur the only thing i could remember was talking to my friends about a new kid. His name was Harry he has brown curly hair, and deep emerald eyes. My definition of a perfect guy. But the problem with Harry, he has violence in his life. He's been in like 5 schools and been kicked out of all for fights and junk like that, i would think that they would put him in prison or it least Juvenal School or something. i dont know. But the truth was as soon as he got here all the girls fell for him. Flirting with him or sitting by him in lunch. Me? Oh i never flirted i was always one to play hard to get and make guys wait. Its more fun that way, trust me. Well anyways my friends and i were mostly talking about him...all day. He had that bad boy look that every girl dreamed of....well it least every girl.


I was so caught up in thinking about Harry i had no idea i was sitting on a park bench by myself that was till my friend Lillie came up and taped on my shoulder. 

"Sam?" She looked worried 

At first her words had frightened me a little till i pulled myself together to respond "yeah?"

"What are you doing here by yourself?" 

"Oh i was a little tired walking home so i took a break." I lied 

"Okie dokie i was going to ask if you wanted to stay with me tonight and hang out since its Friday and all." 

" I would love to!! Let me just call my mom." I smiled 

After the call we headed to Lille's house. when we got there her mom was gone " where's your mom?" i asked 

"shes visiting someone sick in our family in america " 

"Oh ok hope they are ok"

"Yeah i didn't really know them so i probably wouldn't be sad if they died" 

"LILLIE" I punched her in the arm 

"WHAT?" She rubbed her arm 

"You shouldn't say that it's rude" 

"Oh sorry" She smiled at me 

After talking for what felt like hours Lille finally brought up Harry, i say finally cause iv'e been wanting to talk about him for hours. "So i know you told be at school but what do you think about the new guy?" 

"He's alright" they way she looked at me she could tell he was more that 'alright' to me.

"Sure" she made the quotes hands above her head and laughed 

"Okay, Okay hes good looking but he ends up liking me, which wont happen, hes going to have to try really hard!" She almost cried laughing when i said that 

"your silly" she said in between Breaths 

We went to bed around 3:30 i woke up at 6:30 and got dressed, a blue AERO tee and black skinny jeans with my black converse, waking Lillie and telling her i was walking home. I walked to my old house and sat on the bench in front of it, taking out my sketch pad. The first thing in the book was a picture of harry i drew in third period. Me and harry had all the same classes. I heard a noise from the all between the house. I looked to see two boys hitting each other. I ran toward them pulling them of each other. I was always one for peace not violence. I could tell right away who it was. Harry and Cole. Cole was this jerk from school..the player. He was always with some girl. He has blonde hair with light blue eyes. Anyways when i pulled them off harry's eyes were almost black..very dark. But as he met my blue eye gaze they lightened instantly. I quickly looked away as i saw Cole was gone. I could feel harry's eyes burning into my skin. I turned my head fairly quick to see harry turn away. 

"I'm sorry i was staring" he looked down 

"its fine" i smiled "now what exactly happened?"

"he threw the first punch" harry looked back at me

"That doesn't help me any" i smiled

"he was saying bad stuff about me and i told him to shut up and he punched me...all i was doing was walking home from school."

"Oh, Cole is a jerk" he smiled at me

"yeah" he stepped a little closer to me

I backed away noticing i made him frown. I just smiled and turned around not being able to look at him longer...i knew i would give into him if i did.

"Sam wait" i heard as a tall figure ran up beside me

"how do you know my name?" i kept on walking him right beside me

"someones old caught my eye"

I raised my eyebrows "okay well what do you want" i tried to stay stern

"i was woundering if-" i stopped him

"im going to have to check my calender..if its clear ill call you" 

"okay?" We exchanged  phone numbers and i went home leaving him confused. He was right where i wanted him. 

When i got home i called Lillie and told her everything..EVERYTHING

Harry's POV 

I was aware of her playing hard to get....and i think i liked it. 


A/N really quick i wanna say that i went though this stage of liking harry a lot and started writing this so ya. if you read my other book love sick ill still update it. if you dont i recommend you go to my page and read it. i also recommend any books in my favorite or books i have liked!! Thnx guys and this book only gets better i promise.  

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