Same Mistakes ( A One Direction Fanfic)

Maddie's gone through a rough patch the past few years. With Liam's breakup and getting abused, she needs to find somewhere to go. Where she ends up, was the source of the memories.


8. Wait a Minute...


Hey! I mentioned Together Forever in the end of my last update, and I was wrong. It is named Always In Your Arms. Check it out, I think its pretty good. K Bye Loves XD


*Harry's POV*

Everyone decided that today we would shop before school starts. I was just an excuse to hang out outside of our dorm building. Louis and Brianna drove and we were separated, girls and boys + Kayla, her and Lou were inseparable. I was jealous of what Louis and Kayla had. They were so perfect and happy together. I wish that Brianna liked me back.

*Brianna's POV*

Harry looks so upset. Does he not like me how I like him? I love him so much that I'm afraid to tell him

*Maddie's POV*

Louis and Kayla, everyone say their relationship coming. Liam and me, were questionable. I trust him again, now that Kailee is here and he still stays by me. I want to be with him, bu-but. I turn around to see...Liam....and Kailee...kissing. Not again!!!!


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