Same Mistakes ( A One Direction Fanfic)

Maddie's gone through a rough patch the past few years. With Liam's breakup and getting abused, she needs to find somewhere to go. Where she ends up, was the source of the memories.


15. Vacation in a Love Paradise

*Kayla's POV*

" Holy shit Maddie!!!" Wow, I yell that at her a lot. She deserves it this time, she packed her entire room! " What is it now Kayla!"

"You packed literally everything!!"

"Well, I need all of this!"

" Why would you need 2 curling irons?" She ran away, not wanting to face the obvious answer. I laughed to myself and took our bags downstairs. Our bags are added to the pile, and it is a big one! The girls have at least 3 bags each, while each boy has one. Lou comes and hugs me from behind. " You guys are going to run out of stuff!!" I lightly punch him in the arm and  he smiles. This means war.

*Maddie's POV*

Liam seems slightly irritated with Lou and Kayla. "You two, take everything outside." He seemed like such an adult then! I walk down and kiss him on the cheek, little kid Liam is back.

*Liam's POV*

"Harry, get your butt down here!!" Our plane leaves in a half hour and we haven't even left the house yet!

"Calm down Liam, I'm coming!"




Thanks to everyone who has read this :). I'm finishing up this one it about 10 chapters, but ill keep updating Always In Your Arms and a new one that will be posted once I finish this one! People have asked for this so..... Twitter: @luebke_13


Snapchat: Luebke14

Instagram: Luebke4Lyfe

Thanks and by directioners :D

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