Same Mistakes ( A One Direction Fanfic)

Maddie's gone through a rough patch the past few years. With Liam's breakup and getting abused, she needs to find somewhere to go. Where she ends up, was the source of the memories.


17. Team Nachel vs. Team Nabi

*Abi's POV*

Rachel and I are so awkward with Niall. We were in Paris, the city of love, and we were both in love with the same guy. It sucks, but we will have to deal with it. Niall will have to choose someday. "Abi! Rachel! Lets get food!" niall yells at us. Awwww, he was so adorable. I cant stand it. We follow him into, what else, a Nandos. He was always hungry if he walked past a nandos.  We go sit down and after we eat, he looks at both of us. "Guys, I need to tell you something. I-I know you both like me, and I know we all feel lonely in the city of Paris, but I cant choose! Rachel, you will laugh until you pee yourself and you are beautiful. Abi, you are the funniest girl I have ever met and have beautiful eyes. I cant choose, so I have a plan. I want to go on one date with each of you" What?!?!?! A date with Niall Horan! My heart started fluttering. Yes, now Paris will be fun. Niall will definitely choose me. 

*Rachel's POV*

Of course Niall will choose me.





Hey guys, it has been over 2 months since ive posted!!! I will try to post more often :)....... Follow my twitter @luebke_13 for updates on when I UPDATE!! Luv you all <3


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