Same Mistakes ( A One Direction Fanfic)

Maddie's gone through a rough patch the past few years. With Liam's breakup and getting abused, she needs to find somewhere to go. Where she ends up, was the source of the memories.


6. Facing The Devil Herself

*Maddie's POV*

I jump out of bed to screaming. The boys must be here. Might as well get out of my pyjamas. As I was changing, Liam walked in. I was half naked!!! " Liam! Let me finish!"

" Can I watch?" He winked at me, he was such a stereotypical guy.

" No you pervert!!!!" I yell so loud, everyone downstairs goes quiet for a minute, then starts laughing. I push Liam out, throw my clothes on, and re-open the door. Liam casually walks in like nothing happened and plops onto the bed. I smile and punch him on the shoulder.

" Am I allowed to finish?? WITHOUT being watched??"

" Nope." Fine, Liam. Do what you please.

**A few minutes later**

"Okay, Liam. I'm done." I had on my cutest outfit with me, black yoga pants and a purple sparkly tank top.

" Okay lets go." He seemed uneasy about something, but I couldn't tell. We walked downstairs and I instantly saw her. Kailee. Staring me straight in the face with those blue eyes that Liam liked more than mine. I didn't know what to do, so I ran.

*Zayn's POV*

What is happening. These three obviously have history, bad history. Was Kailee a  mistake?

*Kailee's POV*

"Wait! Maddie! Stop!" She runs straight into her room and we all bust in there before she can kick us out. " Boys, I think we need a minute." I usher them out and look over to Maddie. " Okay, we were so close before the Liam thing happened, and you need to know the truth. I never made Liam leave you, and he wouldn't stop talking about how amazing you were. That's why we broke up. I didn't date him to be a bitch and break you up. I care about you both too much to do that."

" Really?!?!?" She was so excited, have I finally gained my best friend back?

*Zayn's POV*

" Wow Liam, she REALLY likes you." We had been listening to the whole conversation through the door.

" Yea, thanks." He is sooo bad at hiding his feelings. Liam still loved Maddie, it was obvious.

" So, are you going to ask her out??"

" I can't do it! You heard what was said in there. If I ask her out again, she'll be afraid that im going to leave her alone again. I just cant let that  happen."




Longer chapter again  :) Ive had some assistance from my friends for the upcoming drama. @OneGirlx5 (Rachel) and @latenitelow ( Kailee) are awesome, and follow me for updates ( @luebke_13) Peace, Love, and Unicorns....Cya <3

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