Same Mistakes ( A One Direction Fanfic)

Maddie's gone through a rough patch the past few years. With Liam's breakup and getting abused, she needs to find somewhere to go. Where she ends up, was the source of the memories.


1. Back to the Past

* Maddie's POV*

I don't know what to do. He won't be too far behind. Last time I had to run away, I had friends. I had Lia- him. I don't have anyone anymore.


"Get back down here bitch!" No Dave, I won't come back, I have no other choice but to run. I'm going to run until I find somewhere to go. I got it. Liam's. I haven't seen him in a while, but his mom likes me and I can puppy dog eye my way in. It's not like I have anywhere else to go.

**flashback end**

I can't stop thinking about Liam. It has been 3 years since we broke up, and I'm going to the mindset I was in when it all started. Dave was after me and I needed to run. I went to the first safe place I could think of, and I just did the same thing again. I was on Liam's doorstep, in shock. How did I just let myself come back to all of the memories.

* Liam's POV*

Wait, is that her? It can't be, can it? I haven't seen her since sophomore year, since me and Kailee hooked up. That was the biggest mistake I've ever made, leaving her for Kailee. Well, this is going to be pretty awkward. I hear the softest of taps at the door and I run up and open it as fast as I can. Wow, it really is her. My lost love.

* Maddie's POV*

" Hey Liam. This place has changed since I've been here."

" Yea, I just moved back in a few days ago. My friends are living here too, and we're going to party all night."

Oh, right, they were going to college here. I thought I heard something about that on twitter. I guess he's going to have a full house here.

" So, what brings you back here Mads. Its been, what, 3 years?"

" Yeah, it's been a while. It's a long story. How long do you have until your friends get here?"

" They'll be here in the morning"

" Dang it. I'll shorten it up a little bit."

Hey, this is my first fanfic <3 let me know what you think of it! Follow me on twitter @luebke_13


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