What The..... Dan??????????????? (Danisnotonfie and AmazingPhil fanfic)

Yup, this ANOTHER YouTubers fanfic. You know me, always in love with the YouTubers. Get ready!


2. Moving Schools.

I just moved house. Which was a bitch to do. And other than that, what the firetruck does my mum do to make me even more unsettled? You know the answer? She make me move firetrucking schools? WTF mum? Honestly, first we move from flipping Plymouth to London and now your making me change schools? Like I know London is miles away from Plymouth, but still. Oh God, I'm just so freaking upset!


Uh, 6 o'clock in the morning I have to get up to go to this school. There is only one good thing about moving to London. Danisnotonfire and his room mate AmazingPhil live here. They are only the dreamiest YouTubers in the world (even more dreamy the PewDiePie, and PewDiePie is a fricking basterd when it comes to cuteness!). Anyway, I woke up at 6 this morning and took a shower. Gotta do my hair I guess. I decide to do this methode of dip-dying my hair, which I saw this girl from America do with this packet of fruit juice or something, but I just went for one of those jelly things. My hair is naturally blonde, so I can do any colour, but I found this red jelly packet in the cupboard and poured it in a bowl. When I had done it, I went to wash my hair in the bathroom again. OMG, it was amazing. I dried my hair and choose an outfit. What would make an impression? Oh, my ripped jeans and a shirt with Mario on it. Yup, I'm the gamer girl. Most of my shirts have Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, typical video game charictors on them. But in among the glorios heap, there was a mound of Smosh, PewDiePie, Tobuscus and my guilty pleasure, AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire shirts. God, I didn't want to wear one of those shirts today, what if I met them or something? I decided to do my makeup natural. Mascara, eyeliner and coverup makeup. Perfect. I looked the absolute gamer girl. All I needed to do was find my cute glasses, which looked awesome, and my phonecase which had Link on it, I would be this fit gamer.


Breakfast time. Facing my mum. She wasn't going to like the hair at all.


"Hey Maka................. WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR?!" she screamed. I sighed and went to get some cereal, which had a cute bear on the front. Greak start to the day. Oh, found my glasses and phone back, perfect. I grabbed my cute bag I bought in BHS and ran out the door, dispite mum's endless shouts to come back right then and now.


"Coffe time," I thought outloud, as I walked into the Starbicks. And there he was. The one and only Danisnotonfire. I could notice that face anywhere. I tried to saty chill as I walked past his table, but I was litterally freaking out inside, because I could feel his eyes watching my, nearly burning my back. Oh God, he was freaking looking at me?!?!?!?!?!


"Hey," came a voice from behind me. I knew it anywhere. Trying to stay cool I looked behind me, and there he was. Tall, fit and absolutely gorgeous. Trying to hide my fanbgirl giggles reaching up from my stomach, I answered,

"Hey hows it goin'?"

"Oh, I'm not bad. Have I seen you before?"

Oh God, he hasn't has he? Like, I knew I had a few subscribes, maybe 10,000 and something, but Dan had seen my videos?

"Oh, I know where you're from! Your GamerGirlsUnite on YouTube, aren't ya'?" he asked. Oh God fangirling inside! FANGIRLING INSIDE! What do I do?

"Um, yeah. I'm GamerGirlsUnite!" That was my YouTube user name. We gamer girls had to stick together.

"Where are you heading?" he asked.

I sighed. "Fricking school. I'm new there," I replied as I got my coffee.

"Oh, are you going to Bullsworth Highschool? I go to school there, want me to take your bag?" he asked. More fangirling, more fangirling! He's goes to the same school as me.

"Um, yeah sure," I said. I was going to love living in London.




Heya! So, anyway, few things I'd like to point out in this chapter!


1> NO, Dan is not still in highschool, neither is Phil. This is just for the purpose of this story.

2>  I based the charactor on me! I would completely fangirl if I met Dan or Phil, so I am glad I can express what I feel for this story!


OK, thanks for reading this first chapter! More to come, I'll see ya later!x

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