What The..... Dan??????????????? (Danisnotonfie and AmazingPhil fanfic)

Yup, this ANOTHER YouTubers fanfic. You know me, always in love with the YouTubers. Get ready!


1. Explaination of this Story

Hows it goin'?another YouTuber fanfic! Honestly, it's all I write about! The only Movella I haven't write on here is a bloody Zombie Apoccalypes one.


So, explaination time, eh? I had been on Fanfiction.net (if you haven't been on there, get there now bitches! Best site for fanfic ever) and loads of people were going on about these YouTubers, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, of coarse. After watching just one of Dan's video's, bloody heck, I was already subscribed before I hit the button.

Then, it was Phil's turn to blow my mide with his llama's and lions and exploding heads...... oh wait, that was a Smosh FoodBattle (DON'T GET YOUR YOUTUBERS MIXED UP, CAUSES HELL AMONG THE YOUTUBE SOCIETY). The exploding head's, I mean, I don't believe Smosh have ever put a llama in one of there video's................................................


So, yup, please enjoy the story! Whole story is written in Maka's (who is a girl, guys!) POV! OK, just read hope you enjoy reading this with you mug shot's or your coffe or your crisp's or..... where am I going with this?


OK, gonna stop barbling on, because, honestly, I just wanna get to writting this bitch! I'll see you later guys, bye!x

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