You And Me

When Bailey's mom gets married to another guy, she feels like an outsider in the new town and school, her step brother, Darrek, is the only one being nice to her and she starts to get a crush on his best friend Axel. However her step brother starts to like her and thinks start to get all filled with drama. What she gonna do?


3. Something Alike

I came back down stairs with Apollo about 2 hours later, it was 10:00pm and mom and step-dad fell asleep on the couch with the TV on. I wasn't going to call him dad anytime soon. I turned off the TV and let Apollo out into the yard, since he had a fence and everything he said it would be fine to let her go outside to do her things. After a while of sitting there waiting for her to come to the door I heard some noises up stairs. Apollo came running to the door and I let her in.

I walked up the stairs and followed the noise to a room. It was a door with a black and white checkered poster on it, and it was a illusion thingy. I like they made shapes and stuff. I knocked on the door and it took them forever to open it. Axel stood in the door way. He smirked and leaned on the door way.

"Hey good looking, wanna play a game?" He said it in a jokingly voice and I just smiled and walked past him. I seen my step..... step-brother playing a racing game and he passed one guy. 

"Wow finally in 7th place I see, I thought you would be better." I sat on his bed and watched him race some more. "You know, the trick to this one isn't to bash up the cars, it's to move past them and keep yourself safe." I gave him a little tip and he just shook his head and didn't listen.

"Darrek doesn't really like girls giving him game advice." Axel said and sat next to me. I glanced at him and couldn't help notice his hair. And at that moment I thought living here wouldn't be so bad....


About 3 hours later I had already beat them at a bunch of games. Darrek fell asleep on his bed and Axel and I were playing Guitar Hero. We were playing Sweet Child O'Mine and we were literally equal on score. And he kept trying to elbow me to mess me up and I just giggled cause it wasn't working. One of the times he tried he got my boob and I flipped out. No guy has ever even gotten close to them.

He paused the game and apologized like a gazillion times.

"It's ok, it was an accident. by the way, I WON!!!" I did a little victory dance and he just smiled.

"Oh fuck, it's 1am, you better get some sleep, I'll clean up." He turned off the game and I nodded.

"Nice meeting you Axel." I smiled and I could feel my cheeks getting red.

"Nice meeting you too Bailey." he smiled back and I walked out of the room and into mine.

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