You And Me

When Bailey's mom gets married to another guy, she feels like an outsider in the new town and school, her step brother, Darrek, is the only one being nice to her and she starts to get a crush on his best friend Axel. However her step brother starts to like her and thinks start to get all filled with drama. What she gonna do?


5. "I screamed his name one last time..."

(First LONG chapter c: high five?)
Anytime there is BOLD writing it's a FLASH BACK of her brother

I woke up and turned off my alarm clock. And I instantly regretted waking up. Because today, was 2 VERY important events, events only my mom, me, and Apollo would only understand.... my brothers birthday, and death day....

"Hey there Skittles, what you doing up this late?"
"Nothing, whose that girl in your bed bubby?"
"It's a very special girl, now go back to sleep, don't want to wake her up, do we?"
"Can you come with me till I fall asleep, I think there's a monster under my bed."
"Sure, I'll even have Apollo sleep with you to protect you." He smiled at me and went to my room with me and tucked me in.
"Night Skittles, see you in the morning" He kissed my forehead and left the door cracked for me....

"...ley... Bailey, you there?" Axel was waving his hand in front of me.
"Huh? Oh yeah... I'm fine" I took a bite of my waffles and drank my apple juice.
"Come on, I'm driving." Darrek came racing down the stairs and grabbed some pop-tarts. He was out of the door before I could even swallow my next bite.
"Here, I'll put these away, I'll be in the car soon" He took my plate and glass and I grabbed my bag and went to the car. I sat in the back and Axel came out not too long after and sat beside me.
"Oh I see, you guys are mad cause you didn't get to finish yummy waffles, right?" Darrek was talking with his mouth full of the pop-tarts and me and Axel started to laugh uncontrollably.


We arrived at school about 20 minutes later and oh my god. Talk about obvious stereo-typing. The jocks all had their foot ball jackets on flirting with the cheerleaders, the "nerds" were all wearing glasses and had computers out, and they were all in their little group areas. It's like how obvious can you get.
"Alright, so which one do you think we belong to?" Darrek turned around and looked at me, spreading his arms out to the groups.
I had to think for a minute, there were only 4 that I could see. Not the jocks, not "nerds", or the "riches" or "wanna-be-rappers".... "None of them...?"
"Bingo. Well none of them out here anyway. Ours don't really hang outside too often. Our spot, social lounge." And how ironic that was...

When we got there, there was only about 3 other people, a small group. They all had the cool bangs and everything. "Welcome, to the "emo" group. The ones everyone make fun but not to their faces cause we'll kick their ass. The ones who stay quiet and all that shit."
"Language Darry!" said a girl sitting on another guys lap
"I told you not to call me that anymore"
"I don't care! You know I don't like cussing!"
"Ok, fine"
"I'm sorry Litty"
"Anyway, everyone say hi to Bailey" he pointed to me and they all said hi. I just waved back and stood by Axel.
"I'll introduce you to all them later, right now I need to show you around and stuff before everyone gets in the school"
"You've still got a while, about 30 minutes or so till the bell rings. That's enough time to go to the office and get your schedule and know your basic classes."
"Oh thanks for the info Sara. Now we only got 28. Lets go" He put his arm around my shoulders and  walked me around the school. I kind of spaced out before we got to the office.

"Bubby? Please open the door!"
"Honey what's wrong?"
"Bubby won't open the door. He came home crying and won't talk to me."
"Just give him some time honey, he'll be down for dinner"

"....nd this is your first class." 
"Thanks, I think I can figure it out from here Darrek. You can show me around after lunch or something."
"Oh... ok, I'll see you at lunch then"
I hate to admit this but he looked kinda sad.


I somehow found the way to all my classes. I made it to lunch and met up with Darrek and them in the line.
"Find your way to your classes ok?" Darrek asked.
"That's good."
He turned to get his food. And at that moment I hated this day....

"Bubby dinner's done." I waited for a while.
"Bubby?" his door was unlocked now so I slowly opened his door. "Bubby?"
He wasn't in his room. His laptop was on and there was a video of him on it. A note next to it said play me.
I clicked the play button....

" up!" Axel was telling me something.
"I'm sorry, I have to go home."
I walked out of the school after I got my work from all my teachers. I got outside and called mom.
"Mom, can you come get me?"
"You ok honey? You sound like you're crying"
"Just please, come get me"
"Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can"
She hung up and I sat at the near the front door hugging and crying onto my knees.

"Hey Skittles. I know you're watching this. I know mom wouldn't come in without me saying so. So um.... I won't be here when you see this. I am so sorry, and I just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart. That girl in my bed with me, I loved her. I know you're too young too understand this. But she didn't feel the same and I can't live without her.... Keep an eye on Apollo, I know she'll protect you from all the monsters in the world. I love you, don't forget that."
The video ended and by then I was already crying. Bubby said he wasn't here but he never left the house.
I seen light from under his bathroom door and opened up the door.
There lay my brother in the tub. Blood all over him. The last thing I remember was running up to him and trying to wake him up before my mom pulled me away and I screamed his name one last time....

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