You And Me

When Bailey's mom gets married to another guy, she feels like an outsider in the new town and school, her step brother, Darrek, is the only one being nice to her and she starts to get a crush on his best friend Axel. However her step brother starts to like her and thinks start to get all filled with drama. What she gonna do?


4. Crushing + Authors Note2

I woke up around 10am, and that was early for me. I rolled over and instantly fell off my bed. Oops. I slowly got up and felt my way into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and tested the water. When it was warm enough I got in and washed off and all that. I got dressed and as I was sorta drying my hair and brushing my teeth while walking into the kitchen I bumped into Axel.

"Oh, sorry." I stepped out of the way and yawned. I got out some cereal and spit into and empty cup. I washed it out and rinsed my mouth. I washed off my tooth brush and took the bowl and everything upstairs and Axel just looked at me like I was crazy.

I just smiled at him before heading up the steps and when I was in my room put the towel in the basket and the tooth brush on the counter next to the sink in my bath room. I ate my cereal while writing this thing I started about a year or 2 ago. It was kinda stupid, but it was fun. I only wrote on the weekends now. I heard someone knock on my door and I saved the document and closed it. I opened the door and seen Axel.

"Darrek is still asleep, wanna hang out till he's up?" He leaned against the door frame again and lit a cigarette. I didn't know he smoked......

I let him in and pretended to use the bath room to make sure I looked ok. I fixed my hair a bit and tried to look more awake. I walked out and smiled a bit nervous.

"Darrek is normally a nice guy, he's just not use to having you around. When you start school you'll know more about what I mean." He took a drag out his cigarette and blew it toward the window he opened. I nodded and sat down on the edge of my bed. I finally got a good look at him. His black hair, green eyes. I almost melted. He seemed like everything  I wanted in a guy..... except for the smoking part, but I could let that slide.

"So what things are you into?" He asked.

"Well I'm into music, games, writing, sleeping.... that's pretty much it I guess" I smiled as I rested my head onto my hand. He just nodded and looked out the window.

"You know what, me and Darrek were going to go to the mall today, but some new clothes before school starts.... wanna come along, like show you around or something?" He wouldn't look at me when I answered so he couldn't see my eager nod.

"Uh yeah, sure" I knew I sounded nervous, which I HATED. But he just nodded and said "cool", but I could have sworn I seen him smile and looked relieved. 




Darrek woke up around noon, and during those 2 hours I got to know Axel pretty well. Um well, well enough to where he would stop starring out the window and look at me instead. He was funny, smart.....ish. HOT, and um HOT. When he said Darrek was up he left the room to let me get dressed. I put on a tank top, some skinny jeans, and my high tops. You will notice I wear a lot of layered outfits sometimes. I walked into the living room with them and we told them we'll be out for a while. They were fine with it and we got into Darreks car. It was a nice dark blue, but not really dark, kind of soothing too.

We were in the car for a while, like half an hour maybe. And we finally got there. We got out and walked in. It was busy. And they led me through the mall and we went into their favorite stores. They LOVED this store called Spencers. And I also found out they were stoners. Oh joy. They got me jackets and clothes from the stores and Axel and Darrek were actually really nice. They got me some ice cream and everything. The perks of having a rich step-dad. And Axel was kind of cuter than I thought.........




Author's note2

Hey guys! glad you're reading, i know I havn't updated like i said but I blacked out over the weekend and mom wouldn't let me ANYWHERE near a computer, I'm soooo sorry that I didn't update like I said. Well the good news is that I'm an aunt!!! He was born on sunday, at 4:08pm, i got to hold him when he was only 15 minutes old! looks so much like his grandpa already. R.I.P uncle john, wish you here to hold your grand son!!

Love you dudes!! Peace c:

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