You And Me

When Bailey's mom gets married to another guy, she feels like an outsider in the new town and school, her step brother, Darrek, is the only one being nice to her and she starts to get a crush on his best friend Axel. However her step brother starts to like her and thinks start to get all filled with drama. What she gonna do?


2. Axel and Mr. Rude

After me and mom had everything unpacked we started to make dinner. She was tired so I just made some spaghetti. Jack was cuddling with mom on the couch, ew. I mean I know I'm 16, but I dont like seeing my mom having romance moments with new step-dad. Not used to it yet. When the water was boiling I put my head phones in and listened to Paramore. I waited a bit to make sure they were watching TV and closed the door between the kitchen and living room. I um.... kind of got into the song too much after that and started dancing around while cooking. Yes I'm a dork, ok?

When I was kind of doing a moon walk, but in my own way I bumped into someone. I quickly spun around and seen a guy about my age standing there looking shocked. I could already tell my face was really red. He looked really cute..... WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A DORK?! I just embarrassed myself in front of a really hot guy, he probably thinks I'm weird or ugly or-

"Nice moves, where'd you learn them?" He said. OMG HE TALKED TO ME?!

"Uh I didn't... I mean I taught myself." my face felt like it was on fire. He smiled and took the forks from me.

"I'll put these on the table, I'm Axel by the way." Wow even his name was hot.

"I'm Bailey." Another guy came in and yawned. 

"Are you my new sister? Aw man, that's boring, I thought you would have been prettier." My mouth dropped and I just stood there. Did he just insult me?!

"Well you're not that good looking either, I doubt you can even find all the gems to open the temple of time to get Links sword in ocarina of time!" I was mad, yeah i don't think I'm pretty but he could have been nicer! Since the food was done I walked out into the living room and plopped on the couch next to my mom. "Great son you have there, he's a charming dude." I was hoping that he could tell it was sarcasm. After a while of watching boring news I walked up the stairs, "I'm not eating dinner tonight, just put left overs in the fridge and I'll eat it tomorrow." I closed my door and flopped on my bed. So far I didn't like my new family.

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