My Eyes

do you ever feel like your in love and your so in love you think they should see it but they don't


1. My Eyes

I look into your warm sparkling eyes

and my heart beats so hard in my chest.

It’s a wonder it doesn’t beat right out my chest.

Do you hear it? Why can’t you hear my heart?

I think you do hear it but you don’t understand it.


You look into my eyes so often a smile on your lips.

How can you not see the love that must shine there?

It seems so clear to me when I look in the mirror.

I see it in my cheeks, in my eyes, in my movements,

I hear it in my voice yet you seem to miss it


I glance around the room and my eyes land on you,

they are unerringly drawn to you in the room.

I try to move on, but like a magnet with opposing charges,

my eyes are glued there glued on to you on your face.


How do you not notice the way I look at you?

how do you, who understand everything else,

How do you not understand I love you?

You are so intuitive and yet so blind


Will you ever notice me?

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