I Have A Brother?!

My name is Nessie, short for Vanessa, and I am a singer. I'm not your average eighteen-year-old girl, obviously. One day my life changed, my Mum told me some news. That I had a brother, half brother to be exact, and he happens to be part of a huge boy-band called One Direction . . .


5. Permission

I stared at him with wide eyes, shocked at his words. I looked away awkwardly, not knowing what to do with myself. 

"Wanna go on a date sometime?" Louis asked. 

"Um, sure." I said, looking back at him. He gave me a warm smile. 

"Thanks. Tonight?" He asked and I replied with a quick nod. 

"Won't it bother my brother?" I asked.

 "It's only one date. Plus he knows I have a huge crush on you, I told him the day we all met you. He doesn't mind one bit, even though you're his half-sister." He told me . 

"True." I murmured. "You sure he's cool with it? I should go and ask him . . ." I trailed off, pulling out my phone to text him. 

"He's fine." He assured me. I ignored him and sent him a text. I got a quick reply that it was cool, as long as we didn't hurt each other intentionally. 


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