I Have A Brother?!

My name is Nessie, short for Vanessa, and I am a singer. I'm not your average eighteen-year-old girl, obviously. One day my life changed, my Mum told me some news. That I had a brother, half brother to be exact, and he happens to be part of a huge boy-band called One Direction . . .


4. Louis

"You have to come on tour with us." Harry suggested. 

"If I can open for you. Otherwise Ray will say no." I replied. 

"You can open for us, I will ask our manager." Louis told me. I smiled lightly. 

"Thanks, otherwise Ray will say I have other important things to do." I explained. 

Louis was on the phone to their manager, the conversation didn't sound good. When he finally put his phone in his pocket. 

"You can't open for us, sorry." Louis apologised. 

"It's fine. I would like to go on tour with you, I just can't." I explained. 

"You can, you're my half sister. That's good enough for an excuse, you need time to make up for the time we never spent together." Liam cut in. 

"Great!" I replied. I pulled out my phone and called Ray. 

"Hi, Ray. Um, the boys want me to go on tour with them, and it will be great for me and Liam to make up for the time we never spent together." I told her. Hoping she will let me. 

"Can't you open for them?" Ray replied. 

"No. Louis asked. Please, I barely know anything about Liam, he is my brother." I begged her. 

"OK, OK. You can go." 

"Yay!" I replied. 

When the conversation ended and I hung up, I put my phone back in my pocket and turned to the boys. 

"I can go." I announced, their faces lit up. 

"Great!" They all cheered in unison. Louis gave me a hug. 

"It's gonna be awesome with you there!" Louis said cheerfully. 

The boys, except Louis, walked off to get some drinks and ice creams, leaving me and Louis alone. 

"I really like you." Louis admitted, looking down at his feet.

"I really like you too. You're a great friend." I replied. He shook his head. 

"I really like you, more than a friend." Louis told me. 

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