I Have A Brother?!

My name is Nessie, short for Vanessa, and I am a singer. I'm not your average eighteen-year-old girl, obviously. One day my life changed, my Mum told me some news. That I had a brother, half brother to be exact, and he happens to be part of a huge boy-band called One Direction . . .


2. Concert

I arrived at the 02 arena, I had Pip with me. She goes everywhere with me. I sat back stage and waited for the boys to arrive. We had to rehearse and check the microphones were working. 

When the boys arrived they shook my hand and gave me a hug. 

"I have heard about you, I heard you perform on TV. You were amazing." Harry complimented, winking. 

"Thanks. I have heard about you too. I used to be a Directioner." I replied. Grinning slightly. 

"Why used to be?" Liam asked, looking slightly puzzled. 

"Ah, I moved on. Na, I just don't listen to your music as much as I did. Listen to Taylor Swift too much, she's the reason I'm singing." I explained, they all nodded. 

"Vanessa?" Liam called out to me. 

"Yup?" I replied and turned to look at him. 

"You look familiar." Liam murmured.

"I have been on TV . . ." I told him, he shook his head. 

"I think my Dad has a picture of a daughter of his on his phone that looks similar to you." Liam answered. 

"It is me." I told him. "I'm your half-sister." He looked at me with huge eyes. 

"No way!" He gasped. 

"It's true, I only found out last week." I explained. 

We rehearsed and before I knew it they announced I had ten seconds before I was needed on stage so I waved to Liam and walked to where I needed to be. I picked up Pip and when it was time to walk on, I ran on enthuastically. 

I held the mic to my mouth. "So, I'm opening for One Direction, how cool is that? You may have not heard of me before but my name is Vanessa Payne. Ready?" I screamed out to the crowd, the all screamed back happily. Someone told me in my ear I can start now. I started to strum my guitar and sang my new single. I sang two of my old songs as well and during the end of the last one the boys ran on stage and shook my hand when I had finished. They all hugged me and I ran off stage and put Pip down. 

Performing for a crowd like that was epic. Especially as some new the lyrics to some of my songs. It made me feel so happy that my music was listened to. I watched the rest of One Direction's concert and we ate a pizza at the end. To be honest I was exhausted from the songs I sang, I wonder how the boys felt. 

I got into a private taxi and went home. I unlocked the front door and stepped in quietly, propping Pip up against the wall carefully. I tip-toed to my room and climbed under the covers. It was past midnight, my Mum is always asleep at this time. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. 

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