I Have A Brother?!

My name is Nessie, short for Vanessa, and I am a singer. I'm not your average eighteen-year-old girl, obviously. One day my life changed, my Mum told me some news. That I had a brother, half brother to be exact, and he happens to be part of a huge boy-band called One Direction . . .


3. A day with One Direction

I woke up and followed my normal routine, except I didn't have to work. It was Saturday, I get the weekend off. I need a social life too y'know. My iPhone vibrated on my desk. I get free stuff from the record label, only cause they don't want me to find another label. I looked at it and saw I had a text from a random number.

Hey, it's me, Liam. Got your number from your manager. Wanna meet up with the boys today? Plus I really wanna get to know my sis ;) 

I typed a reply quickly.

Hey, Liam. Sure. Would be nice to get to know you guys ;) 

It sent successfully and I locked my iPhone. I sat and waited for a reply. 

The boys are up for it. Wanna meet in town? Outside Subway? The Subway next to New Look. 

Sure. In an hour?

Yeah. See you then sis ;) 

I locked my iPhone again and grabbed my bag. I unplugged my iPhone and slid it into my pocket. Mum was working today, so I didn't need to bother telling her where I'm going. 

I walked to the Subway next to New Look and saw the boys standing there. When Liam saw me he grinned. 

"Hey guys." I greeted. 

"Hey." They all replied in unison. We all walked to the park and sat down to get to know each other. 

"So. Anything interesting about you we don't know?" Harry asked curiously. 

"Well, Liam is my half brother, in case he didn't tell you." I began then got interrupted by Louis. 

"He never mentioned you two are related!" Louis gasped. 

"Yeah, I only found out last week." I explained.

"Anything else?" Harry encouraged. 

"I have a guitar named Pip, and I have had her since I was fourteen, I taught myself how to play. A year ago I was playing in a cafe when my manager, Ray, heard me and wanted to sign me to her Dad's record label. So that's really it." I told them. "It has been a busy year." 

"You probably know a lot about us!" Niall cheered and they all laughed. 

We talked about anything school life, life at home, relationships etc. By lunch time I had all their numbers and they had mine and we were all following each other on Twitter. They promised to try and get me more fans. They said I could write a song with them and sing it with them, and go on tour with them. They wanted to help since I was Liam's half sister. We are now family, we have to help each other out. 

We had lunch at Nando's, Niall threatened to start screaming if we didn't go there. Me and Louis seemed to have a lot in common, and he is so funny! I have to admit I'm starting to have a small crush on him. But I know I can't date him, I am Liam's half sister and Louis is his best mate. I couldn't make it awkward for them, and I definitely did not want to be the reason why they split up. 

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