Right Place,Right Time

Caitlin and Alessia are best friends.They are both 18 year old girls from Ireland.But Ireland is so boring they want to move somewhere else not to far away from home.They want to move to London.What happens when two gorgeous boys save their lives.


5. Will You

Caitlin's POV
When we went back into the apartment me and Alessia decided that it was getting late so we were gonna go home.Harry & Niall wouldn't let us.
"Niall,Harry were leaving now" Alessia said.
"Bye" I said.
Before we could even open the door Harry ran he in front of the door grabbed my arm and brought me into the kitchen.
"Yeah Harry"
"I know we only met but I really like you,no I don't like you I actually think I love you"
Oh my god.Is he joking.Please tell me he's not joking.Harry Styles wants me to be his girlfriend oh my god.Whilst I was thinking about all this Harry was staring at me waiting for an answer.
"Oh my god really"
"No Harry I'm joking" I said sarcastically
"Come on how about we runaway together"
"And go where" I said
"Somewhere away from here"
" I don't know Harry"
"Don't you trust me" he asked sadly
"Okay then lets go"
"Okay Harry"he grinned
I went into the sitting room to tell Alessia that I was leaving with Harry.
"Alessia i need to tell you something"
"Yeah I need to tell you something too"
"You go first"
"Well Niall just asked me to be his girlfriend and he asked if I could stay the night I said yeah what about you"
"Well Harry just asked me to be his girlfriend as well but ....."
"Well what"
"He asked me to runaway with him"
"And go where,what did you say" she said anxious to know.
"We don't where yet and I said yeah please don't be mad"
"I'm not mad I'm just ... When are you going going to be back"
"I don't know but I will be back dont worry about me I'll text every day"
"Okay go before I change my mind"
"Thanks Alessia your the best"
We did girlie handshake and I gave her a quick hug then me and Harry left.We went to my apartment to get my clothes.I packed my suitcase and put it in Harry's car.When I got in the car I said to Harry
"Haz where are we going".
"A place where we can be alone its in the middle of nowhere I can't remember the reason why I bought this cottage I think it was just to have that extra bit of living space where the papparzzi will never find me".
"They won't find us out here Haz it's just you and me"
"Just me and you babe"
Then we made our way to the cottage.............

Just to let you know the boys are on a 3 year break just after going on world tour.

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