Right Place,Right Time

Caitlin and Alessia are best friends.They are both 18 year old girls from Ireland.But Ireland is so boring they want to move somewhere else not to far away from home.They want to move to London.What happens when two gorgeous boys save their lives.


4. What are you's doing here

When Harry and Niall got back from the studio we decided to watch a movie.Grown Ups.Harry and Niall couldn't stop laughing.Then halfway through the movie there was a knock at the door.Who could that be.Harry went over to answer the door and all I heard was."where are they there supposed to be with us".Oh shit it was mine and Alessia's exes oh joy.Harry tried to stay came but I saw his fist clenching I went over to the door and so did Alessia."Harry go sit down we'll be back in a minute" Alessia said.We stood outside the apartment door and all I saw was Charlie and Mickey. I seriously don't wanna talk to these guys.They are another reason why we left Ireland. I used to think how fun these guys were then they cheated on us. I remember how Alessia and I used to sing to Mickey. We'd sing "hey Mickey your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey hey Mickey".Ah well doesn't matter anymore.Alessia finally broke the silence by saying "what the hell are you's doing and how the hell did you guys find us" she said really pissed off."Oh hello to you too btw I missed"he said trying to move closer to Alessia."Just go away Mickey I mean it this time"."Hey Caitlin" Charlie said trying to sound innocently."what do you want Charlie" I spat."I just wanted to see you yeah well I don't wanna see you"."Oh and Mickey you never answered Alessia's question"I said."Well first of all you guys should never updated your facebook status saying that your moving to London and you shouldn't update you twitter saying that your in Harry Styles and Niall Horan's apartment."Ohhhh......wait I'm not friends with either of you guys on facebook and your blocked on both of our twitter pages. I said. "Let's just say both of you have certain old friends and our new girlfriends who showed us your pages".Who would that be it wasn't Erica cause she is going out with Dylan.Oh no it's Nadia and Erin.I hope they are back home."Are they here with you guys" I tried to ask calmly."No we are here to get you guys back.said Charlie."But what about Nadia and Erin"."oh we just used them so we could see you guys"."You filthy pigs".With that they both looked at each other and came over to us and tried to start kissing us. Alessia and I started to scream.Suddenly Harry and Niall bursted through the door."Who the hell do you's think you's are" Niall said."Who the hell are you to interrupt our moments" said Mickey."Well who are you's to these girls anyway"."We are their boyfriends and you are"Harry said.What the hell did he just say.We are their girlfriends.Wow this is weird."their ex boyfriends and we were just leaving" said Charlie looking quite scared and with that they ran away.Then we went back into the apartment.
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