Right Place,Right Time

Caitlin and Alessia are best friends.They are both 18 year old girls from Ireland.But Ireland is so boring they want to move somewhere else not to far away from home.They want to move to London.What happens when two gorgeous boys save their lives.


2. It's time

10 days later :
Caitlin's POV
Last nigh Alessia stay over because we have a really early flight this morning.
"Alessia wake up now"
"Uugghh I don't wanna wake up"
"Okay if you wanna stay in dreary old Ireland you do that but I'm getting on that plane to London"
With that she shot up straight away.i knew she'd get up if I said that to her.I put on my black jeans,my dollar sign top,my green blazer and my black vans. Alessia wore a pair of black jeans,a top with a cross on it,black blazer and white converse.My room looked so empty.Ah well it's time t move on with my life.Its time to move to London.

When we got to the airport we got our tickets from the desk an went to our gate.When we were looking for our seats it turned out we weren't sitting beside each other.We were kinda annoyed but it was only for a hour and a half.People boarded the plane and took their seats.The seat beside Alessia was filled by a cute looking blonde guy with stunning blue eyes.Then seat beside me was filled by a very handsome curly haired boy with the most astonishing emerald eyes.Alessia and I could still talk to each other because we both had an aisle seat.I turned around to say something to Alessia but she was asleep.On the blonde guys shoulder.Well that's just embarrassing.The boy sitting beside me started talking to the blonde guy.I think they know each other.
"I'm really sorry about my friend whenever she finds something to sleep on she just knocks out"
"Ah it's alright I'm Niall by the way"
"Caitlin,oh and the girl that's sleeping on you that's Alessia"
I turned back to the curly haired boy.
"I'm Caitlin"
"So Caitlin why are you and your friend going to London"
"Oh we're really bored of Ireland,there's literally nothing to do"
"Oh I loved Ireland great audience"
We talked for a while longer I got to know a lot more about Harry.But what was he talking about great audience.I studied his face for a while longer while he was looking out the window.Then I realised this was Harry Styles from One Direction.I like One Direction and I really love Harry but I wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable if I started to fan girl in front of him.Alessia woke up a few minutes later she was mortified that she fell asleep on Niall.She then realised who Niall was she shot a glare at me and she was really pink.Niall an her started talking for a while then we landed.Harry and Niall helped us with our bags.We had to go I didn't want to leave Harry.i wanted to get to know him more.We gave them both a hug and Harry put something in my pocket.
"If you guys ever wanna go out sometime call me or Niall"
"Thanks Harry"
Then we made our way to the apartment
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