Right Place,Right Time

Caitlin and Alessia are best friends.They are both 18 year old girls from Ireland.But Ireland is so boring they want to move somewhere else not to far away from home.They want to move to London.What happens when two gorgeous boys save their lives.


3. Clubbing With Harry and Niall

Alessia's POV
We arrived at our apartment and we just went straight to bed.We couldn't be bothered with the luggage.
The Next Morning
Caitlin's POV
The apartment was really nice.I can't believe Alessia could find an apartment this nice in an hour.Harry texted me this morning saying did Alessia and I want to go to this club in the town with him and Niall.Alessia and I thought it'd be a good idea.But the problem is that we packed everything apart from our "clubbing dresses".We decided to go shopping for dresses.Alessia got a short navy dress with sparkles at the top.And I got a short black dress with diamonds on the top.We both planned on wearing black heels.We were about to leave the shopping centre and then we realise that it was 5 o clock Harry and Niall were picking us up at 7."Alessia quick we have to go home"
"Because its 5"
"And they are picking us up at 7"
"Oh crap right go"
Thank god we were both dressed by 6:50.
"Alessia have 10 minutes to talk so are you nervous"
"Yes very"
"Why I'm gonna be there with you"
"Yeah I suppose,but why aren't you nervous"
"I actually am I just trying to keep it in"
"Ha we'll be fine"
Just as Alessia said that there was a knock on the door.Omg nervous.When we got to the club Alessia and I sat in the booth and waited for Harry and Niall to get our drinks.I'm so gonna have a headache in the morning

8 drinks later
Alessia and Niall have been making out in a corner whilst Harry and I have been dancing.Harry is so sweet he's not what people say he is.All of a sudden the music stopped and the dj said
"We have a special request from those two the corner.Of course it was Alessia and Niall.The requested the song "They Don't Know About Us".Alessia and Niall got up and started slow dancing.Harry put his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck.We slowed danced for a while.Then he kissed me.Harry Styles actually kissed.It was so soft and gentle.Harry is such a perfect guy I hope we can be more than friends.

The Morning After The Club
Alessia's POV
I woke up in a different looking bedroom.I know I only moved into my new room the other day but i think I'd know what'd look like.I stretched around my bed to find a body lying next to me.I say up to see who it was.Oh my god it was Niall and he was asleep and I didn't wanna wake him up so I lay back down and soon fell back asleep.

Caitlin's POV
I woke up in a unfamiliar room this morning.I knew it wasn't mine.I found the presence of a curly haired boy lying beside.Oh my god it was Harry i didn't wanna wake him up so I fell back asleep.
Later on I woke up again and Harry wasn't there.I knew Alessia was still in bed because I could only hear Niall and Harry talking outside.I texted her

"Alessia where are you"
"In Niall's bed what about you"
"Harry's bed"
"How did we get here"
"Well we were drunk weren't we"
"I suppose lol we should get up now"

I got up out of the bed and went out to the kitchen only to be greeted by Alessia and no-one else.She was holding something in her hand it looked like a note.
"What's that Alessia"
" A note the boys left us "
It says "girls were gone to work for a while we'll be back at around 6.Please don't leave the house for 2 reasons 1.paparazzi are gonna suspect something happened.And 2.we don't want you to so please help yourself to the fridge and do whatever you like just please don't leave.Lots of Love Harry and Niallxxxxxx.
"So basically Alessia we have to stay here until they get back"
"Yeah what time is it now"
"Well they'll be back in three hours so let's have something to eat.We made something to eat and then there was a knock on the door.They're back yay.
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