Right Place,Right Time

Caitlin and Alessia are best friends.They are both 18 year old girls from Ireland.But Ireland is so boring they want to move somewhere else not to far away from home.They want to move to London.What happens when two gorgeous boys save their lives.


1. Lets go

Caitlin's POV
Alessia and I have had enough of Ireland.Its so boring.We always had this dream of not staying in Ireland.I mean we were like 12 when we last talked about it.I think it might be a good idea just to leave for a while.I texted Alessia to come over.I heard the front door open Alessia never knocks she just walks straight in.
"Hey"I said.
"Heya Caitlin what's up"
"I was just thinking,do you remember when we were like 12"
"Yeah kinda"
"Do you remember the talks we used to have abou moving to London"
"I was thinking about and I think we should move"
"Yeah I think that would be a great idea"
"Okay I'm gonna try and find some tickets to London and you can look for an apartment"
Alessia grabed her phone and started apartment searching whilst I tried to find tickets for us.About an hour had past and Alessia had found a apartment and I got the tickets.It was really late so Alessia stayed over.We would be leaving for London in 10 days how exciting is that!!!!!
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