How Pegasus was born

One world,One story


1. How it all began

There was once a god called Athene and lived with her two sisters Medusa and one re-manes nameless  when the two sisters went outside they where picking flowers but it wasn't long until Athene came and realized that the gods planted these beautiful flowers belonged to the gods so Athene had little choice but to punish them.Athene turned Medusa's hair to snakes and everything she looked at turned to stone! and for the nameless one she got turned into a gorgon which also means everything she looked at turned to stone as well.The only way to brake that curse was to prove to Athene that the have been punished enough! It wasn't long till some one had to put a stop to Medusa and the gorgons mysterious power and the only way to do that was to chop off their heads but their mysterious power would still work! So Jake the one who chopped off Medusa's head and gorgons head buried both of them and nether spoke about it again and the only possession lost was her pet horse who now lives with Athene on Mount Olympus and Pegasus eventually grew a pair of wings!  



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                                                                                     Written by

                                                                                        Harry Blunden-Parsons


And that's my story of how Pegasus was born 

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