21 Jump Street Review

For the 2012 review competition, a humorous and informative review about one of my favorite films. please like and comment! i know reviews can be boring but i would appreciate you taking the time to read mine :)


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Sitting down in my seat, salted popcorn clutched in one hand and the arm of my latest high school date in the other, I admittedly was feeling slightly sceptical about the stereo typical American ‘teen’ movie which I was about to witness; two failure cops who go back to high school as under cover students, and find that the rules and stereotypes from when they were at high school, have changed. A lot. And now, with slightly humiliating hindsight, I can honestly say how wrong I was. 21 Jump Street provided me with more laughs and gasps than any other films ever had (no surprise to say that my date never asked me to meet up again after I spat out a piece of popcorn during the scene where Jenko and Schmidt are tripping in front of the security guard, but it was still totally worth it)

It is fair to say that Hill and Tatum (who play the two main characters Schmidt and Jenko) provide the most hilarity throughout the film; from their complete blunders and misjudgments at police academy we see them make during the opening of the film, to their pathetic attempts at trying to fit in to 21st century high school, I did not once find myself un-amused by the charismatic duo. However we also laugh at the weedy drug dealing popular kid Eric Molson (far from the kind of popular kids Jenko was familiar with) and Captain Dickinson, the larger than life chief cop who sends the unruly pair on the mission, and tells them to “Embrace your stereotypes!”, a concept explored throughout the film, with some interesting results.

As well as comedy, the film also provides an element of romance for the more sentimental of viewers, although in typical 21 Jump Street style, this is never going to be as straight forward as it seems, when Schmidt ends up in the drama class which he was never meant to be in, and has to do a scene with love interest Molly (played by the charming Brie Larson.) The movie is also packed with plenty of action, from dramatic cop fights which open the movie to the daily bickering and violence of high school life, which i think provided a major eye opener for the older of viewers, but never the less equally as many laughs.

When the film was first advertised, it seemed eternally doomed to fall into the category of the endless identical American high school movies which sit collecting dust at the back of a family sitting room. However the risk which they took worked massively in their favor as 21 Jump Street carries the genre and plot with such ease it is possible to forget you are even watching this type of movie at all. The ideas are refreshing and new, and the concept very much true to society itself; the popular kids these days always seem to be the shy alternative ‘hipsters’ if you like, and not so much the jock which Jenko was in his time at school. 

Although some jokes you may feel are being slightly overdone throughout the film (the exploding car being one of those, although my personal sense of humour left my ribs aching every time), the sharp witty wise cracks that feature throughout the film definitely make up for it. With action scenes to please the blood thirsty, and of course the drug themed plot to add an element of mystery, as well as rather attractive high school students, 21 Jump Street has it all;

So will I be watching it again? I’ll be buying it on DVD, putting it on prime space on my film shelf, and playing it on repeat until my family and I eventually get sick of the teenage wise cracks and band geek related jokes; 21 Jump Street is here, and it’s here to stay.

5 STARS * * * * * 

A. Hall.

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