when the crows appear

After school was my time with my friend. it was just us two, everything was normal and no emotional related dramas happened. then it all changed. and i hated it.


2. What happened next

I walked out my door heading towards the shop. I had left early that morning to avoid meeting harmony as I didn't want any bad or crazy things to happen today as I was wanting normality to regain. I managed to get to school and survive the first two lessons without bumping into harmony. But third period was French and she sat next to me. However she made normal conversation with me and my friend willow. I relaxed a little as it got to lunch and still nothing had happened. I then coursed through science and went to maths with a smile on my face and no worries in my head. I should have been more careful and remembered to keep my defensive mechanisms going but I was stupid enough to let them down. I strolled into maths and smiled at harmony. " hey harmony how are you ?" I asked. " I'm good thanks jade " she replied. We worked through the maths lesson together, passing notes and giggling at each others jokes. That's when it happened. Harmony's pocket started shaking slightly. " um .. Harmony there's something in your pocket. It's ..... Shaking" I said in a hushed whisper as I didn't want sir to notice in case it was her phone or something. I heard little screeches from her pocket. She had that look in her eyes again. She reached into her pocket and whispered some thing under her breath. The shaking stopped. My stomach dropped ten feet. " harmony what was that" I said with a steely tone in my voice. She just remained silent for the rest of the lesson. At the end of the day she walked straight from school again without me. I stood at the entrance and shouted after her "harmony wait for me" I ran up the path after her, knowing that she wouldn't run as she wasn't really into P.E. I caught up with her in the grave yard. " tell me what the hell is going on right now harmony " I said. " ok but sit down this may take a while....."
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