when the crows appear

After school was my time with my friend. it was just us two, everything was normal and no emotional related dramas happened. then it all changed. and i hated it.


1. how it all started

We were walking home together. It was like any other day expect there was a lot of icy snow scattered on the ground. I had already skidded and slipped half the way home. As we neared the church steps, I looked at                             the trees in wonderment. they were covered with a white frosting and looked like something straight out of a story book. my friend, harmony farrow, wandered of into the white expanse of the grave yard. she turned to me, her eyes alight with joy. " this is so a camera opportunity. where is one when I need it?" said harmony.I shrugged " I know it really bums me out". anyway we walked along the grave yard with me signing under my breath. when it looked like this I just had to sing a song that reminded me of a film scene or something from a book. we had now progressed to the steps leading away from the church, which, I knew from past experience, were icy and very, very slippy. harmony went down before me and stood at the bottom, ready to catch me if I fell. I grasped onto the rickety old railing and slowly lowered myself onto the steps sideways. then I jumped and landed on the balls of my feet next to harmony. I smiled as she creased with laughter at my stunt. I saw a girl just ahead of us walking like she was drunk. she kept swaying from side to side and reaching outwards with her hands, then letting them flop to her sides once more. Her behavior puzzled me, so  I pointed it out to harmony. Being such a caring girl I thought she would rush forward and see if she was fine, but harmony started silently at the girl. in the back of my mind I heard a loud hum of a horn, but at the wrong pitch for a regular horn. I blinked myself out of my thoughts, thinking I was maybe going a little nuts but the horn didn't stop. harmony still started at the girl with the strange intensity as before and I realized the roads had gone quiet. to be quite honest I was beginning to become a little freaked. I looked at harmony in explanation  then when I decided I wasn't going to get a response I turned back to the girl. Only she wasn't there. I had only turned to look at my friend for a second and she was there when I last looked. where the hell was she. It was then I realized the horn had stopped. Along with the girl. " um harmony, the girls gone and the noise has stopped. did you see where she went?" I said. " oh I know were she went Jade don't worry shes safe now". I'm pretty sure she said this to me to calm me but something about the way she spoke sent a shiver through my body. still, harmony seemed back to normal now so I tried to strike up a normal conversation. that's when I noticed harmony nodding at a crow, perched above us on the telephone wires. Strange. I hadn't seen it there before the girl went away. " harmony did you just nod at that crow?" I questioned. " yes I did. As it did a good job". I was so confused." harmony, were did the girl go? And what the hell was the crow thing about. tell me now because Im seriously freaked" I demanded. I looked at her face. " look don't be freaked but I have a special connection with crows OK.  Its just a thing I have that's all. I understand them better than humans, and, like humans, crows have jobs to do. so I congratulated it for doing well" she breathed. " OK harmony, I believe you." I said jokingly. " but im not joking" she said. I looked at my friends sincere gaze and realized that she really wasn't. " oh, well that's pretty cool then." I said. " I have to go now I will see you tomorrow. meet me at the shop by ten. oh and one last thing. promise me if you see a crow think of me. because its the only things that will save you." said harmony. then she turned and walked down the lane. I stared at the ground trying to make sense of it all, then gave up. I looked up in the direction she had gone to wave. But she wasn't there. why did people keep disappearing on me today?

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